A return to old

6 years ago I was starting a new army – the Sons of Horus, a “pre-heresy” as we called it back then. I forget now, whether they came before of after my Salamanders – the colour didn’t change all that much. I think I didn’t even got so far as altering their pads, as they were never marked in the first place!

These two legions were part of a chain of indecisiveness. It’s not easy to stick to a single legion. I tried Dusk Raiders, World Eaters, even Thousand Sons. The list swung back and forth and back again.

That’s quite some time ago. We didn’t have Forgeworld armour to use. Creating these inspired me to setup a host of 30k tutorials for converting the range of plastic marines we had into classic armour.

I took a long break from marines after taking two differnt legions to events, spending a good few years creating a Dark Mechanicum army, before returning with a new legion that could call the Mechanicum their brothers, the Iron Hands. I have stuck with legion X for half a decade now. It’s not been that difficult, as they’ve mostly sat in a box being unused.

With the release of Betrayal at Calth, my interest has been reinvigorated. A brief foray into Space Wolves was put to rest in favour of returning to my roots, the Sons of Horus. I still have the T-shirts!

Pre-heresy was also where and why I started this blog. It’s good to return. Watch this space!

Rusty Dice

Aint nothing but a horn

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