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Perhaps the most exciting Oldhammer project this year was the selection of classic-inspired sculpts put together by Diego Serrate in his Space Raiders (Spider Riders) Kickstarter.

Diego created some classic archetypes that we of the greyer breed treasure, from Orcs to Fishmen to Minotaurs, all in a Space Punk setting and produced in metal.

I didn’t want to miss out, so saved some budget to get in on the project. This week, the package arrived. Here are the goodies as I take them out of their bags:

Space Centaur:

2015-12-07 16.41.36

This model is an exception to the rest as it has a resin torso for production reasons. The lighter weight helps keep the model stable too:


Perfect scale next to a classic model:


Next up, a chaotic Orc in powered armour:


This Fishman:


A pair of Minotaur warriors:



Those four assembled:


The Minotaur leader – perhaps a “Doom” Bull. Unfortunately he is missing his gun arm, but this is being resolved:


Assembled Doom Bull:


Here’s a scale shot next to Heresy Miniatures‘ Manbane and some of my older Citadel/Marauder minotaurs:


Here’s the lot, with one of Drew Williams’ robots thrown in for the journey:


Overall, all the sculpts are fantastic and the casting quality is top notch. I am eager to get the brushes wet and bring these miniatures to life.

Rusty Dice

Aint nothing but a horn

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  1. Diego says:

    Thank you so much for this review! And so glad you like them.
    Those minotaurs will like awesome together , you’ll see 😉

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