Happy Broo year!

Rather than start a new army, because I already have enough, I’m digging out my Beastmen to use for Kings of War. In KoW they are affectionately known as “The Herd.” I’m sure there’s a pun in there somewhere.


There’s a couple of reasons for me doing this, other than “I want to play some KoW.” I have a beastman collection that I was hoping to roll out for our 8th edition Warhammer revival. That fizzled when we all jumped into AOS and than got bored of it. Other than my Minotaurs, I didn’t give my beastmen the round-base treatment, so they’re just begging to get put into rank and file… or multibased!

I’m not entirely sure why I rebased my Minotaurs onto round. I think I had resigned them to never-being-played status and felt round looked nicer.

minotaurs on round bases

They were the first to get based for The Herd. I opted for multi-bases in the lowest common denominator of Guardian Brutes – 3 wide.

kings of war the herd guardian brutes 1

Happy with this process, and thankful I hadn’t wasted a load of money on Warbases movement trays, I put the rest together. Here are 4 hordes, though the rear 2 need new movement trays.

kings of war the herd guardian brutes 4 hordes

So, that works out as 920 points of Herd! You don’t get many cows for your points in this game.

Next up with be some actual Beastmen (Broo?), characters and other herdy beasties.

I will be blogging over at War Kings if you care to join in the discussion.

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