Circle of Chaos – Oldhammer style miniatures

Last Autumn, Curtis Fell of Ramshackle Games notoriety, proposed a fun idea to the Oldhammer group of getting together to sculpt some miniatures as a group project. 7 sculptors of varying experience all decided to take part and contribute one (or two) models for the project, culminating in their completion over the festive period. What now? I posed to the group. Shall we actually push these into production?

With 7 of 8 models in hand and a calendar full of Kickstarter projects, we decided to launch our crowd-funding project sooner rather than later and see if there was any demand.

We were funded in less than an hour! Humbled by the success, we are hoping to repeat the project again in the future once everything has been brought to completion.

What do you get? There are 3 pledge levels.

  • The smaller guys as a 7-model warband
  • Ooko the “Rhinotaur”
  • All of the above

Simply, we’re sticking them in 2 molds and running them as 2 packages that can be combined.

We could not risk selling them all as singles as it could potentially create an excess of stock and monetary issues. We’d suggest to band together with a friend to split the models, or sell them on, if you only want one or two characters.

We are into our last 24 hours now and there’s no guarantee any of the models will see production again after this, so this really is the last chance to get yourself some nice, classic-style models.

The 7-dude Warband

All 8 reprobates

Rusty Dice

Aint nothing but a horn

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