Creatures of the Night – Slanga

My second sculpt from the COTN range is essentially an Undead Ogre. His name is Slanga, one of the sons of Partholon. He is available to buy from Krakon Games.

As explained in yesterday’s post, I started this range with the challenge of making 3 undead models. ┬áSlanga was the first undead model I started and obviously the first to be finished. I am mostly happy with the final model, but I rushed his right shoulder, leaving it far too thin. His skull is a little shallow, but then he is an Ogre.

The inspiration for the model was the need for a third model to put with 2 oher undead ogres from Ral Partha. Now that I have 3, it’s only natural that I need 1, or 3 more. We shall see!

Here’s Slanga’s green, sans shield:


I am quite proud of his armour and shoulder pad. So proud, I made his pose slumped so that you can’t really see his chest! This will be fixed on the first variant.


Here’s the resin cast. I used hot water to straighten his pose a little, as I wanted him a bit more upright.


You can see further painted images by my brother here.

And an early WIP shot of some of my first models for the project. A hint at tomorrow’s focus model…


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