Krakon Games Frills and Fauna – in the wild and dangerous

So one of the perks of being the brother of a sculptor running a Kickstarter is getting early access to some of the pre-production models.

I’ve had a quick paint up of the Cirripod family and placed them into some sci-fi environments to see how they look…


On the crystalline planet Aarkaon IV, Red Squad troopers (from Heresy)  investigate a strange egg cluster, only to discover adult creatures nearby.  Burn it!  Burn it with fire!


Of course if you don’t clean out your spaceship regularly, all kinds of creepy crawlies might move in.  Do you want Cirripods, because that’s how you get Cirripods!  Blue squad here (more Heresy, some Hasslefree ladies and a cigar munching pug too) encountering a different sub-species of the aliens.

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