Introducing Scum & Smugglers – Arim

After the success of my first Kickstarter – Frills & Fauna, it seems obvious to me that I should sustain use of the crowd-funding strategy to reach out to an audience. Despite being incredibly niche, the project raised more money than sales of anything else I’ve sculpted, combined. Admittedly, I am fairly new to the scene so that’s not a major statement, but when you are trying to make a living from the art, it’s one hell of a tasty pie to eat from.

While I wait on the casting for my first Kickstarter, as all the work has been done at my end, there’s not much I can do other than carry on working on other things. Inevitably I am plotting 2-3 seasons ahead to maintain a focus and momentum in my work, so ideas like Frills & Fauna 2, reinvigorating my fantasy range and my “I really want to sculp these” projects are all buzzing around my head. Which leads to the title of this article.

I’ve wanted to put out some ‘proper’ Sci-fi miniatures. Ticking boxes and keeping a variety of work is healthy when you are simultaneously still learning, whilst being professional. I have proven I can sculpt simple critters and somehow sell them, but I won’t fall into complacency by staying on that path. Yes, I have every intention to do Fills & Fauna #2, but I want to branch out, I want to challenge myself and I have to keep things fresh to maintain impetus.


My second Kickstarter will be both a ‘lessons learned’  and some kind of meta-continuation exercise of my first Kickstarter. In F&F I wanted to tap into the somewhat neglected area of tabletop non-player models, unusual creatures to litter environments (Deathworld hazards?) that were otherwise just builings, trees and the combatants. While adding flavour text to models for this range (over 30 models!) I started imagining a background and universe in which they all existed. There were plenty of hints to space-tropes, be it smugglers, hunters or just unsuspecting travellers. I want to tap into this growing background and expand upon it with future projects, perhaps even a fun little set of rules. S&S is the next step in this journey.


Scum & Smugglers

This project aims to fund a modest set of Science Fiction character models. As is my way, most of them will not be human, if any at all. As is my other way, I cannot commit to that being 100% true just yet, but I can say none of my models yet appear human. By modest, I am aiming to fill a single mould for metal production. This is around 10-12 models depending on parts and sizes. My models are intentionally small to fit other 28mm ranges.


The first model, in his penultimate preview, is Arim. I often create names by exploring mythologies relating to a theme. In Arim’s case, he is a mechanic-type, so I looked into artifice and smithy and somewhere along the way I bastardised a name.  Arim is likely to be the shortest model in the range. He is deliberately so, but I haven’t finished the rest of the range to confirm this just yet. Mustafa Bekir offered me his concept somewhat unprompted when the project was being imagined and I snatched him up. I deviated a little by enlarging the gun to emphasise him being small and I added some hair as I wanted him to have a simian feel. This leaves the door open should I want to do some space monkeys!


Rusty Dice

Aint nothing but a horn

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