Aftermath Club : Kings of War Tournament part 2

Last weekend saw the second half of a Kings of War event being hosted at the Aftermath Club in Norwich.  After blogging the first part, I took the opportunity on the day to get more photos, army lists and the full results to share in this blog.

You can see what happened in the first part here: Aftermath Club : Kings of War Tournament part 1

For 2017 then, the event was effectively the day 2 of the Clash of Kings (2016) tournament format.  We had 14 players (2 sadly unable to attend on the day) which is great, the attendance growing from the October event.

Personally I was looking forward to the day, having enjoyed the first event so much.  I’d made some changes to my list but was really unsure about my chances, I was seeing much scarier looking lists from local players on club nights and the community wisdom for Forces of Nature seemed to suggest I’d taken a wrong turn in my composition!

What follows below are the lists and photos of the armies I managed to track down on the day.

Mark’s Ogres – Mark’s army was unpainted so he preferred me not to take a shot!

Nick’s Ratkin – Nick’s army was also unpainted, but had some really interesting proxy models and nice bases, so hopefully we’ll see it in future.  Nick was my first opponent and although I was initially completely unsure what I could possibly do to win, in the end I was undone by forgetting my magic spells on a number of turns and also insisting on picking up a loot counter when I needed to surge that same unit.  In the end the Death machines were too much for me to handle, but if I’d played smarter with spells who knows.  I lost, 2-1 on loot.

Daniel's Varangur

Daniel’s Varangur

Empire of Dust

Robert’s Empire of Dust

Jaime's Orcs

Jaime’s Orcs

James Brotherhood

James’ Brotherhood – you can see more of James’ army and hobby articles here

Jim Dwarfs

Jim’s Dwarfs

Kelvin's Dwarfs

Kelvin’s Dwarfs – this was my second opponent.  We played dominate and I really paid a high price vs those organ guns and much like the ratkin game, I didn’t have a good answer to the giant death engine (a tank this time!).  It was a losing draw for me (on attrition) as I did smash the centre reasonably well, but the brocks on a flank and the shooting on the other did more damage than I could match.

Leons Elves

Leon’s Elves – Leon is our local pathfinder and was running the event.  In the October event he brought his orcs along, so for a change of colour its the pointy ears this time.

Marks Abyss

Mark Smith 2000 points Clash of Kings Abyssals 2017 (as seen in the Clash of Kings 2017 book!).  Mark won the event in October and was back after attending Clash of Kings with the list tweaks.

Neil Force of Nature

Neil’s Force of Nature

In case anyone is interested, my changes were to drop my centaurs, change my Great Earth elemental into an Earth Elemental horde and I added a second salamander regiment.  I really should have run the salamanders as a horde and I’m coming to the conclusion I just have too many shambling units.  I’m also sad to admit I’m finding the hydra a little lack luster,  I don’t really want to take a third beast of nature, but those griffons were my unit of the match in every game.  Really I’m struggling for speed and its hard to see how my centaurs would ever perform better than a griffon so practically the same cost.  I’m toying in my mind with Niads, Wyrm Riders and a Great Fire Elemental, with a mix of healing heroes to consider.

Robert's Ogres

Robert’s Ogres

Ben's Salamandars

Bens heroes

Ben’s Salamanders

Ben was my last game and he had some terrible luck to my unreasonably favourable dice.  We both ran out of time (if we had a turn 7, I had 4 seconds, he had 26 left).  We drew, even on attrition but Ben was most likely cheated by the dice gods.  I took an extra picture of his Salamander heroes, a couple of re-purposed GW’s Lizardmen and a metal Mantic model I didn’t know was available I need to hunt down.

Richard's Brotherhood

Richard’s Brotherhood

The Results!

After a hard fought 3 rounds of battles, the numbers came down like this.  Mark managed a second event win in a row, clearly the man to beat going forward.  Leon came second, also like the previous event, but he chose to take himself out of the running as he was hosting the event, but worth noting how well he continues to perform!  Jaime and James also attended the previous event but both placed in the bottom half of the table last time.  Both have made important changes to their lists and I know have been practising their games in the run up to this, so well done to both.


1st place

1st Place Mark

3rd place

3rd Place James

2nd place

2nd Place Jaime


Best painted

Best Painted – James Brotherhood

Best sportmen

Sportsmen, Nick and Jamie

Wooden spoon

Wood Spoon – Mark Ogres

James also repeated his success in the painting competition, the Knights Watch Brotherhood themed army again winning the most voted.  Jamie and I came equal second Leon tells me, so that’s something!

Poor Mark had a poor run of games with his ogres and has a commemorative wooden spoon to remember the occasion.

Nick and Jamie got equal votes for sportsman, so shook hands (what else would you expect?) on splitting the prize.

Leon used a number of achievements from the new Clash of Kings book as spot prize opportunities.  I was unlucky enough to roll a double 1 for a nerve test against Nick very early on in my first game, so I have a dice tower to help me improve my rolling…

So once again another excellent day and for me lots of learning again – I need to play more of the scenarios and decide if I’m sticking with Forces of Nature (and so need to crack on with some more units) or swapping to my new herd project for the next event.  Its looking like Leon will be running clocks of war later in the year, so I’ll need less points at least.

If this looks fun and you can make it to Norwich for a future event, keep your eyes peeled on the Facebook Mantic group, the Kings of War Fanatics group or even the Aftermath Club’s own website.

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