A Fomorian Goll sculpt

For some reason it took a pint of cider and much deliberation to actually just start typing this blog post. When I haven’t posted in a while I start to ponder how to return. Do I recap all that has happened since I last blogged? A bad idea since I’d spend the day figuring out what all that is. No, let’s just keep it simple, current and relevant.

Today I “teased” the picture of a Goll sculpt. In fact, here is the picture. Take a look.


I like my Fimir, though of course I don’t sculpt or sell any Fimir. No, I am creating a range of Fomorians – a pseudo-mythological race explored in the poems of the Lebor Gabála Érenn. My Creatures of the Night fantasy range is an interpretation of this ancient Irish tome of awesome.

What is a Goll? Well, I stumbled upon the name when researching. Goll appears within the afore-mentioned book of invasions. A character known as Goll mac Morna, who is perhaps also Goll, son of Garbh, lost an eye in battle. His proper name was Áed mac Fidga, but later bore the epitheted nickname due to his unfortunate incident. Goll means one-eyed.

Fomorians are not a single race, but more of a collection of sea-dwelling creatures. Children of old chaos and the night. Ancient invaders and antagonists. As such, I am probing various shapes and sizes for the faction. Most of the mythology speaks of gods, monsters and heroes, but the usual historical commentary tries to depict them all as humans. There’s no fun in that.

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