Shapeways for 40k – review

Shapeways kindly reached out and offered me some products to review as I run a fairly large Facebook group for converting 40k models. We’ll be looking at running some form of competition later on.

I asked for a bit of a random selection, thinking some of the moderators could join in the review, but so far only I’ve found time to try the bits out. Said bits include shoulder pads for infantry and for walkers, plus a turret.

Let’s look at the walker first. Here’s the shoulder pad, as provided. It’s in a translucent printed resin material.


The detail is crisp and the surface smooth on the outside. It’s rough on the underside – areas that are hidden once attached to the intended model. There was only one part that needed cleaning – a small strip on the right on this image.


So, what does this piece attach to? It’s a replacement shoulder for Knights. Here’s a comparison to a standard GW plastic shoulder guard.


As you can see, the sizes match up very well. Here’s how it looks on the intended model – spot on!


The pad has some great decoration which is best appreciated once the piece is undercoated.


Next up we have some infantry shoulder pads.


Like the larger shoulder guard, these are a translucent resin with a rough underside, but only where the model becomes hidden. being translucent makes it a little hard to photograph.


These shoulder pads fit Space Marines perfectly.


So well, I had to get a bit of paint on the model to show how it might look with your chosen chapter.


Finally, and sadly leastly, the turret.


This item is of a different material. It’s a much more brittle opaque resin. The surface is very rough, like a frosted finish. It’s easier to se the issue once undercoated.


The surface could perhaps be lightly sanded to smooth it out, but it would be fairly time consuming to bring it to an acceptable state. Of course, if you wanted a rusty looking tank, the surface is ideal to paint it such a way!

Overall, I am impressed with the harder translucent items. The detail and strength of the items is great and the items fit seamlessly with their intended models. The turret not so much.

Be sure to check out Shapeways‘ vast and growing selection of pieces for converting your own models.

Even their boxes come in useful.


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