Black Tree Design review – Wraiths and Dwarves

I took advantage of a recent sale over at Black Tree Design and bought a selection of Dwarves, Undead and feudal humans. There was a small delay in the order due to the humans being out of stock, but after speaking to them on Facebook, they were happy to switch the product and get the order out to me. They even chucked in an extra blister for the delay!

The order arrived today and I ended up with a lot of Dwarves and some Wraiths. Here are the wraiths:

They are great sculpts, fitting with what we call the Middlehammer style. Here they are lined up against various other GW Wraiths from the past 30 years.

I love wraiths – having gathered up 2 units for Kings of War now. I am hoping to paint some of these as part of the army painting challenge. Here’s how they look in a unit.

Here’s 3 of the dwarves, from different packs.

Said dwarves next to some classic Marauder models.

And of course, in a unit.

The models are all lovely sculpts, good casts and the price is almost stupidly low even when not on sale. £4.19 for 3 makes these a very affordable source of building your rank and file armies.

Rusty Dice

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