From the mists of legend they come…

I’ve always been a fan of some of the more unusual creatures from the depths of Warhammer 3rd edition. Zoats, were wolves, jabberwock and many others haven’t had much limelight for many years.

I’ve been pleased to learn that the Fimir still have rules under the Age of Sigmar game system, but a little disappointed by how different the Forge World Fimir look compared to the classic models of old.

Never fear, Krakon games are here to help. Channelling the origin of Fimir, Krakon games have created a range of Fomorians that, should you wish, can be painted and used as Fimir.

I started working on a modest force of Fimir initially, with my sights set on using them in games such as Mantic’s Vanguard, as well as allies for games of Age of Sigmar and Kings of War as 6 models is far too few to use as an army! I picked up a warlord, a hag and 4 warriors to start with, all unique models.

Pleased with initial progress, I expanded my force adding more warriors and another spell caster. The problem was that there were a limited number of poses (as has always been the problem with 40mm infantry) and the models only had optional choices for their heads and tails.

To do something about this, I did some basic conversions, swapping arms between models. The resin was really easy to mess around with, using a bit of green stuff to fill any gaps I created. Then with some simple head direction changes and positioning the models at different angles on the bases, the models look quite different (see if they can spot the twins in the group shot, its not as obvious as you’d think).

…another pair of twins after some surgery

An arm twist on this one, combined with the posing on the base they look quite different on the table, but you can clearly see they are the same basic figure here.

I also picked up some of the Forge World Fimir to add to my number of heavy weapon armed warriors, they don’t look too out of place, but I still need more figures!

At this size I am able to run the force in games like Saga; Age of Magic, but for Kings of War and Age of Sigmar, I am having to proxy extra models and ally in assorted monsters from other lists to make a sensible sized force.

The next step was going to be to convert more Krakon models, including a standard bearer and musician, but then I have learnt that a new range is being released if their kickstarter is successful. Modular Fomorians and new components means a huge amount more variety and far less butchery (unless I really want to). You can check it out below, but for now, beware the mists!

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