Staring into the Abyss – Part 7 : Painting the Company

The whole gang is here!

So it time to reveal the complete crew finally! I’ve been working on the Abyss warband since the models arrived but for numerous reasons (not least an over excited puppy) its taken me a lot longer to complete them than I expected.

I’m trying something new with the photos this time with a coloured background – the background image I have been using is by Pete Linforth from Pixabay. As every I wish both the photos and paintjobs were crisper, but hopefully these are good enough to get an idea of the paint job I’ve tried to deliver.

As I mentioned in a previous post I wanted a strong colour theme running through my models so I’ve used my preferred red recipe for the skin (Khorne, Mephiston and then Evil Sun red from the GW range) with some extreme highlights of Wild Rider here and there. The blues are a new recipe I’ve been using from the GW recommended progression – so I’ve stolen the image below (note its mucher bluer on the models than the graphic implies, see the various photos for evidence).

Finally, now I have my Kings of War 3rd edition book, I’ll add a little commentary on each unit to reflect on how they’ll be used in those games going forward.

A good heart these days is hard to find, so I kept 4

First up then my leaders. The Seductress is a mantic resin model whereas the Tormentor is metal. I found the details on the seductress a bit of a challenge, they were quite subtle and small, whereas the Tormentor had deeper details so my old school painting tricks were easier to use. Both of these models are based with my crackle over lava effect, which we’ll see on all the smaller bases. A tutorial is coming honest.

The seductress in Kings of War has the Duellist ability, which with her evasion skills and speed should make her excellent at hunting down enemy heroes, mimicking her Vanguard role nicely.

The tormentor (champion) is a cheap source of Inspiring, but otherwise is kinda the least interesting hero the Abyss has. That said being cheap and having access to magic artefacts opens up options.

The Hellequin was not my favourite model going in and gluing the rider on before painting was a real rookie mistake (I still have painted cavalry in other armies where the rider isn’t glued so no idea what I was thinking). In the end I kinda like the horse, but the rider is not really to my liking, although the colour scheme came together quite well I think. With Hellequins not longer being a unit in their own right in Kings of War 3, this means at least I dont have to paint any more of these, I only need 1 for one of the hero options – who is is not very interesting in my view, being pretty weak if quick.

The warlock is a fantastic model, notably its resin and so painting him was a lot of fun. I really wanted the expressions on the two models to be clear and there was a lot of flesh on the big imp to work with that I feel I did a reasonable job on. Working with the limited palette on both models was initially a bit of a challenge, but it really helps tie the force together and the occasional extra colour (like the bone/horns) is fine. The warlock in Kings of War is really interesting. He’s even cheaper than the Tormentor, comes with multiple flamebolt shots and can be upgraded with an interesting mix of spells. I think I’ll be using him in games.

The lurkers are restic models and the details were a bit challenging to pick out. The overall effect of these two is fine, but in these close ups I’m less than thrilled. In Kings of War V3 normal succubi units can be upgraded to be lead by a lurker, so swapping one of these in as a leader is good enough for me, means I don’t have to find and paint lots of these.

Much like the lurkers, the guard as restic and I found painting the details a challenge as it was quite soft. I’m not really a fan of these models the more I look at them, so I’ve decided to use very different models in Kings of War for my Guard unit. These guys will probably show up in my Lesser Abyssal unit as leaders however, just for flavour.

My hellhound is a Games Workshop Flesh hound – the special character Karnak. He’s actually huge, but I’m really happy with how he came out. Hellhounds can now be taken as regiments in Kings of War, which is great news as I have 8 of these big beasts and more movement tray space means I can get more models on the table.

I finally got imps! I love these little critters, but I need to be careful with how many I base like this as imps are also a unit upgrade in Kings of War V3 as well as a swarm unit type.

Flamebearers came out quite nicely, restic again but I managed to find a level of detail I’m happy with. Playing with flames is becoming a recurring theme in this force. Flame bearers continue to be the main source of shooting in Kings of War for Abyssals. They are now irregular, which will reduce how easy they are to include without specifically planning around them,

The gargoyle sadly I really struggled with. The paint job on the box was beyond my skills and the model’s head in particular was really hard to pick details out on.

Gargoyles continue with largely the same stats in Kings of War, but are now fighting for space against irregular units like the flamebearers.

The Despoiler is another resin model and a joy to pain. I’ve painted his skin a bit brighter than the rest of the force and painted the armoured sections grey rather than blue tinted to match my Legion of Everblight nasties. This was my cunning plan to build a unit of them, only now they don’t exist in Kings of War V3 as a unit in their own right, so he’s going to be going solo with his own colour scheme. He can be used as a hero or a unit upgrade for Molochs so the model will definitely get a run out.

Here’s a slightly better shot of the crackle base effect, I’m quite pleased with it now I’ve figured out how to reliably get the same effect (hint, really, really shake the paint before use).

So finish off, here’s the group shot again, without the plastic lessers and succubus from the previous painting post (I couldn’t get them into the shot!). The consistent palette and base theme I think helps bring them together, so even where I’ve wandered a little with the grey armour on the Despoiler for example, he’s still clearly part of the team.

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