Warriors from the mist II

My last post was a while ago (almost a year). When we last saw my fledgling warband it consisted of 14 models, and depending on how you looked at it, wasn’t really legal for any ranked style wargame. That said I have been happily using it in skirmish games and with unpainted/proxy models the occasional battle too.

My painting schedule is based somewhere between rotating around my armies and being inspired to paint a model “because”. My Fimir have been a little neglected recently and with some kickstarters providing some new models recently it was time to head back to the swamps.

First up is a completely new model from Krakon games, a really hulking naked berzerker style model. This brute is now my unit champion, taking pride of place in the centre front rank.

Next up is a simple conversion, another Krakon model, one of the newer style models with modular hands. This monster will be my army standard bearer, so I found a suitably grand banner from an old black orc set. It needs an icon painted on, but for now the cloth links to the army colour scheme solidly so works fine.

These three are conversions. I’m a member of a Fimir focused facebook group and I’d seen several people make use of the Reaper Bones orcs as the base of Fimir models. They are pretty large and similar bulk. I’ve had a number of these orcs hanging around since the first Bones kickstarter way back when, so using Krakon games heads and tails, I’ve made myself 3 more warriors for my army.

Having made an army standard, I thought I’d make a musician as well, if only to make the two axe warriors look a bit different. Again I’ve made use of some black orc bits for the drum and drumstick arm. I’ve also replaced the scimitar the two handed swinger was using with a beastman axe that’s a bit more in character (and less bendy).

This final group of new models are all from Krakon games. My main target game system for my Fimir is Kings of War, although with an eye on comparability with Warhammer (3rd edition and maybe others) and other games. In Kings of War my Fimir will be used as ogres and there’s a number of unit types I wanted to make my models clearly aligned to. In Warhammer the choices are much more limited so I’m adding more options than will necessarily be strict WYSIWYG, but I trust any future opponents will cope! With this in mind, I decided to kit out the standard “warrior” unit with shields, light armour and hand weapons. These three are perfect examples and I’m really pleased with how they’ve come out, lovely models from Krakon games with the modular hand options allowing me easy customisation.

Unit review time then! These are bezerkers/braves, armed with two weapons and limited (or indeed no) armour. I’ve put all the models that fit the brief in this unit with the new champion model. The Fimir on the left previously only had one weapon so I found a hefty sword to make sure he didn’t feel left out.

Heavily armoured and armed, these are siege breakers. In warhammer terms these would be Fianna Fimm, so my elites are ready to rock now with the new drummer and overhead smasher added to their ranks.

The unit that has changed the most is my warriors. Only 2 of the original warband are in this unit, the rest all new additions. The original two models in the back rank now sport shields. This is the unit I’ll continue to expand, as in Kings of War its possible to field a unit of 12 (a legion no less). In warhammer 3rd edition I note a unit of 20 is possible, but the cost is eye-watering at 36 points each (with shields, 44 with light armour as well!!).

Here’s the complete force as it currently stands then. Small by both Kings of War and Warhammer standards (although not too bad in Age of Sigmar). I’m pleased to have solid looking units now but clearly lots more to do.

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