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New Beastmen models preview 3

New Beastmen models preview

Images of the upcoming Beastman release have been floating around for a few days now. Games Workshop have lauched a poster displaying some of the new models. The responses I’ve seen on a few forums has been very negative. While I can understand some of the comments, I really think everyone should wait for official launch before making judgement.

All the following images are copyright Games Workshop. I believe they were originally uploaded by Waaagh_Gonads on Dakka Dakka.

Warhammer 8th edition rumours 0

Warhammer 8th edition rumours

Likely the hottest rumour of the moment is the impending arrival of Warhammer’s 8th edition. With GW rumours being tightly squeezed, it’s been very quiet in the rumour department lately, but something so big as this is hard to cover up.

Several online book stores have pre-orders available for a ‘Warhammer mini-book’. The price and size is identical to the mini novels that relate to other starter sets: Black Reach, Skullpass and Space Hulk. Its release date is marked as May.