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New poll – help steer MyWargame

As I seem to have regained my hobby mojo, I’ve set up a new poll on the website. Want to see something particular from me? Go and vote now.

I’m going to be revitalising MyWargame and getting in some guest bloggers again, so please help me gauge my audience.

I am planning to do a major conversion/kitbash piece once per month, starting with ‘fixing’ the Helldrake model in August. I’ll also be cataloging my army projects, which are currently Betrayal Iron Hands, Mechanicum and no doubt Lizardmen very soon.


Necron-centric Mechanicum – Allies

Previously, I mentioned I was looking at Codex: Necrons as a core army to field my Mechanicum. Here’s my pondering.

Before I look into the Codex, I looked at potential allies to see what other options are available:

Necrons are convenient allies with Chaos Space Marines, Tau, Grey Knights. They’re desperate with other Imperial forces. I will simply ignore desperate allies, as I’d rather the army work together in at least some co-operation. Convenient allies don’t get any negatives (but also get no benefits!).


Using Mechanicum armies in 40k

It’s been so long since I’ve sat down and considered how to use my Mechanicum army in 40k. They were built pretty much exclusively for Tempus Fugitives campaigns, as they had their own codex. I tried using them as Imperial Guard and later Grey Knights, since my force is Chimera-heavy and includes a lot of infantry and guard-variant tanks. After Maelstrom Games’ demise, TF moved back south to Tabletop Nation and I have deemed that too far to justify.


Skaven make the best Magi

I’m a big fan of some of the Skaven models. The crew of the war engines, the lords, even the Stormvermin. being humanoid mutants, they fit the role of degenerate humans and they share a similar flavour with their dirty, experimental technology.

Warlord Spinetail arrived today, so I put the putty and scalpel to work. He’s made up of all sorts of bits from all sorts of ranges and the claw is from an AT-43 model! See if you can guess them all.

10 days until Godhammer 2

10 days until Godhammer

My lack of posts can mean only one thing… I’ve been busy?

Yes, yes I have! In 10 days my Dark Mechanicum will be charged with defending Godhammer from all manner of invaders. While I do have an existing Ad-mech army, I’m not going to sit idly waiting for the event. A new event means new models for me and so I have walked a path wrought with many obstacles. A new codex, still being polished even now, has meant putting together an army list (or size) has been both exciting and fantastically difficult. I *think* I have settled on my final rosters, but I can never be sure what will change next.

Myrmidon Velites and Skitarii 0

Myrmidon Velites and Skitarii

Also on the desk at the moment are my Myrmidon Velites. I was very tempted to go full-on Greco warriors with these models, but that would be too far beyond the flavour of the rest of my Skitarii. While the force for March will be a ‘loyal’ army, I still want it to integrate with my Dark Mechanicum collection.

So, like the new blend of Skitarii, I’m toying with Renegade heads again. This time, I’m using more bits and a bit of sculpting.