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Unboxing: Games Workshop’s Eldar Spiritseer

Lat week I picked up an Eldar Spiritseer for a 600 point doubles tournament. My list was pretty simple, revolving around a Wraithknight, as my ally was bringing 2 Riptides. It seemed rude not to bring all the big robots…

The Spiritseer model is another fine Eldar sculpt that fits seamlessly into their range. I have been fortunate with the latest incarnation of Eldar models as a lot of the display models and box art show my chosen Craftworld – Saim Hann, so I can pretty much paint by numbers.


The Walking Dead – Wraithknights

So, I got my hands on the new Wraithknights. In my excitement, I forgot that I was going to try and recreate the classic builds – notably the 4-armed destroyer.

I set out to make a more dynamic pose than those shown in previews, but found that the legs were very restrictive. The calf armour is very high, preventing the legs bending tightly. You’re likely to see a lot of similar leg poses due to this.


New Eldar Models Nigh

Tomorrow, the new batch of Eldar Models and Codex arrives. While it is no secret what these all are, to get your hands on the actual thing is thirst-quenching.

I’ve managed to dig out all my older Eldar models, to rebase, sand, clean up, reconstruct and undercoat red (Saim-Hann) as I know the moment I get hold of a Wraithknight, the oldies will be left sulking for attention.

So, what’s new?


Quest for Enlightenment

Eldar have always fascinated me – Jes Goodwin’s sketches, the ancient mythology of an alien species.

I have slowly gathered together various models over years. I once even painted a small force in some ill-conceived pseudo-Egyptian style (I was doing Egyptian funeral masks at school), using Dwarf Bronze and blue. It was thick, ugly paint. There was a brief sword-wind period where I sprayed everything white and inked helmets green, but that fell on its face also.

Review – Forgeworld’s Eldar Assault Wasp Walker 1

Review – Forgeworld’s Eldar Assault Wasp Walker

Forgeworld recently added a varaiant kit for the Eldar War Walker, called the Wasp Assault Walker. This is the first walker kit of this scale from Forgeworld for the Eldar. As far as rumours go, it’s destined to be present in Imperial Armour XI, which features the Eldar, Space Wolves and Cadians.

At first glance, it’s very similar to the regualr walker, sporting a larger, more protective cockpit shield and a rear fin. Everything else seems to be quite subtle and to the rear of the model.

40k preview – Eldar Night Spinner and Fire Prism 3

40k preview – Eldar Night Spinner and Fire Prism

Two White Dwarf previews have snook onto the Internet, showing us the new kits for the Eldar Night Spinner and a rather well endowed Fire Prism.

My thoughts?

The Night Spinner looks great, I’m glad to finally see this old vehicle make it to 40k form.

The Fire Prism looks top heavy and I can imagine a lot of initial reactions from people will be to drop the lance part. Particularly if you happen to have existing metal prisms in your collection. The labce would make a handy objective instead!