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Iron Hands martian bases – mini tutorial

I recently made the decision to rebase my entire Iron hands army from 25mm to 32mm round bases. Simply put, it looks so much better and it is the new standard, officially or not.

I did a quick proof of concept on an old base for the style before making the move. Previously I had caked the bases in orange MIG pigment, but that was very messy and after fixing the pigment, it lost its vibrancy.  Here he is in the middle amongst my older style bases.


Wayback Wednesday: October = Iron Hands?

Looking back through my posts on and around the first week of October I noticed that they’re the time I seem to pick up my Iron Hands army. I am not the kind of person who works solidly on a project until completion, as I tend to work on a few at a time, leap-frogging new, old and recycled projects.


New poll – help steer MyWargame

As I seem to have regained my hobby mojo, I’ve set up a new poll on the website. Want to see something particular from me? Go and vote now.

I’m going to be revitalising MyWargame and getting in some guest bloggers again, so please help me gauge my audience.

I am planning to do a major conversion/kitbash piece once per month, starting with ‘fixing’ the Helldrake model in August. I’ll also be cataloging my army projects, which are currently Betrayal Iron Hands, Mechanicum and no doubt Lizardmen very soon.


Return to Heresy

With Massacre arriving in September and a fun Betrayal campaign very soon, I have returned to my pre-Heresy armies.

I am an Iron Hands and Mechanicum player, though a large chunk of my Mechanicum is quite clearly sided with Horus. They loosely represent Legio Mortis, but go beyond the role of scuttling around the feet of titans. Notably because I have no Imperial titans (yet?).

In the beginning, there was one. 0

In the beginning, there was one.

After spending the evening gathering the various models, bits and scraps that should hopefully become my Iron Hands army, I packed a test list into my case for a game against King Fluff tomorrow.

We’ve arranged to begin testing lists and missions with the biggest of them all – the Heavy Assault. This is a 2,500 list, annihilation and allows a superheavy.

Due to packing almost everything away, I don;’t have a picture of the army!

A sign of things to come 0

A sign of things to come

Alas, I have overcome the fel beast know as lethargy and given myself a firm kick up the bum. Next month is Games Day UK and 2 weeks after that I am supposed to be fielding a lot of Space Marines against the traitorous legions of Horus.

And what do I have to show for both?

Watch this space!