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Sons of Horus – Age of Darkness – pledge 1

Before Christmas, “Super Edd” proposed the idea of a group escalation project – starting new armies, with monthly goals.  Having a backlog of miniatures to paint, I signed up. I had been waiting for Betrayal at Calth to acquire a load of Mk4 Marines to build up as Space Wolves, but the wait was sufficient enough to put me off them. As much as I liked my prototype Space Wolf, the idea of painting an army of grey did not appeal.


A return to old

6 years ago I was starting a new army – the Sons of Horus, a “pre-heresy” as we called it back then. I forget now, whether they came before of after my Salamanders – the colour didn’t change all that much. I think I didn’t even got so far as altering their pads, as they were never marked in the first place!


Horus Heresy Space Wolves – Mk4

Sometimes the best choice is the least likely. In avoiding picking a second legion from a big selection of favourites, I instead went for one of the least favourite, but with a challenge.

Legio VI – Space Wolves – The Sky Warriors of Russ

It took a little goading and an impulse borne of a challenge – do a legion you don’t like the look of. Make them into something you do like the look of.


100 man army – Age of Darkness

I’ve been quite heavily involved in the “pre-heresy” and “age of darkness” scene for many years now, particularly a time before Forge World took on the mantle. It’s a rich and inspiring era of the 40k universe, an age of greater heroes and arguably nobler times. I’ve enjoyed converting both space marines and their counters for years, but something has shied me away from getting more involved in the post-Forgeworld environment. I can’t help but think it’s the tanks.


Version 7 of Warhammer 40,000? What about Horus Heresy – 30k ? Battles in the Age of Darkness!

Unless you’ve been in space or far away from technology, you’ve heard the rumours about a new version of 40k. The stores have removed stock, the web store is showing no availability – it can only mean one thing. Or maybe two. We’re getting a new book, but is it version 6.5 or version 7. Does it really matter? You’re going to get a new book either way.


Wayback Wednesday: October = Iron Hands?

Looking back through my posts on and around the first week of October I noticed that they’re the time I seem to pick up my Iron Hands army. I am not the kind of person who works solidly on a project until completion, as I tend to work on a few at a time, leap-frogging new, old and recycled projects.