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Necron-centric Mechanicum – Allies

Previously, I mentioned I was looking at Codex: Necrons as a core army to field my Mechanicum. Here’s my pondering.

Before I look into the Codex, I looked at potential allies to see what other options are available:

Necrons are convenient allies with Chaos Space Marines, Tau, Grey Knights. They’re desperate with other Imperial forces. I will simply ignore desperate allies, as I’d rather the army work together in at least some co-operation. Convenient allies don’t get any negatives (but also get no benefits!).


Using Mechanicum armies in 40k

It’s been so long since I’ve sat down and considered how to use my Mechanicum army in 40k. They were built pretty much exclusively for Tempus Fugitives campaigns, as they had their own codex. I tried using them as Imperial Guard and later Grey Knights, since my force is Chimera-heavy and includes a lot of infantry and guard-variant tanks. After Maelstrom Games’ demise, TF moved back south to Tabletop Nation and I have deemed that too far to justify.


Return to Heresy

With Massacre arriving in September and a fun Betrayal campaign very soon, I have returned to my pre-Heresy armies.

I am an Iron Hands and Mechanicum player, though a large chunk of my Mechanicum is quite clearly sided with Horus. They loosely represent Legio Mortis, but go beyond the role of scuttling around the feet of titans. Notably because I have no Imperial titans (yet?).


Enemies of the Emperor

A work in progress across the gaming community, involving several different people with a passion for 30K and the experience to forge something fairly unique in the gaming community – several new races for games of Warhammer 40,000.
The premise of this project is to act as a foil to the recently published Forgeworld rules for gaming in the 30K universe. Drawing inspiration from the fantastic stories published by the Black Library and the amazing artwork of Neil Roberts, this ‘codex’ will provide gaming material and hobby inspiration for anyone who feels tierd of marine armies in 30K.
Comments and feedback are welcomed – especially after any playtesting. This is a community effort for the community rather than a ‘one man show’.


Rediscovering an appetite

While attempting to dip my toes back into the pool that is Warhammer 40k, I found myself diving head first into the deep end. After a few more small games of 6th edition, I have really enjoyed the new rules and in particular the options for armies and discovering new uses for old dogs.

Hello Godhammer! 3

Hello Godhammer!

In March, the Mechanicum return. This means I get to dig out my 4,000-odd points of red coats to play bolter-fodder once more. Or does it?

Godhammer is a Forgeworld and the focal point of the 6th Age of the Emperor instalment. Everyone with a spaceboat has their eye on the planet…

It’s our planet and we’re going to keep it that way, Omnissiah-willing!