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Khorne – the evolution of khorne bunny ears 1985-2015

Looking over (and painting!) the new Khorne Blood Warriors, it occurred to me that their helmets have gone beyond barmy. Yes, it’s pretty clear they worship Khorne, do they really need a huge Khorne-icon built into their helmets? For method killers, surely this is impractical for cumbersome. Khorne wants blood, not your head getting stuck to something.

Where did it all start, I wondered. Well, I decided to look back. I like looking back, the models are beautiful.


Nurgle challenge part 4, Oldhammer Plaguebearer

Continuing my Nurgle model every 7 days (or as many as I feel like painting, as 1 a week is too slow for me!), this week I present a… no… 3 Plaguebearers.

2015-02-03 20.34.38-1

I’ve also been faffing around with a new camera app on my phone in an attempt to improve photos. I took all of these using the app and a pair of lamps. They look better, but I zoomed in too far for the resolution and they are a bit soft as a result, so it is my mission to keep improving the photo-taking skills I clearly lack!


Nurgle, Blightkings, Dragon

I forgot to post up my second Nurgle model on Tuesday as part of my paint a unique Nurgle model every 7 days challenge, but I most certainly completed a second model.

In fact, I’ve painted 5 now.

2015-01-13 20.00.02
2015-01-13 20.00.16

These models were so fun to paint, I did the whole lot together, but didn’t really know whether to make that 5 weeks or models, or just post the lot up!


Nurgle challenge – week 1 – Nurgle Blightking

Yesterday I previewed the first of my Nurgle models to be painted. I’ve challenged myself to paint up a unique Nurgle model every 7 days.

Here is the finished model. I may revisit the base once I’ve experimented on some blanks, but for now I am happy with the badlands feel.

The Verdigris looks a bit bright due to my camera compensating for it being so poorly lit here. I will be doing group shots in better lighting as this project progresses.

8th Edition Warriors of Chaos – Shadow synergy 0

8th Edition Warriors of Chaos – Shadow synergy

Having leapt into Warhammer’s 8th edition, it’s a lot of fun going through army books and new rules to re-invent armies and try no builds. So far I have been trying out as many different units as possible, taking advantage of any new rules. Festus in a unit of 50 Marauders, my first horde deathstar, seems to have worked up a few grudges at my local club so far!