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Ramshackle Games – Robots review

Curtis at Ramshackle Games has been running another Kickstarter. This time we have a selection of robots and pieces that can be assembled in whatever way you fancy to create your desired robot(s).


I got a few pieces early to put together a review for the Kickstarter.

2015-05-22 22.17.12

The amount of choice can leave you feeling a bit lost at first, but once you isolate the legs and torsos, the rest is down to weapons preference.

Forgeworld unleash Pre-Heresy armour 3

Forgeworld unleash Pre-Heresy armour

Regardless of their intended rules or play context, Forgeworld have answered our prayers and released both Mark III and IV sets of armour. Is there more to come? We’ve yet to see the full picture or release for either of the previewed heads, which seem to be Mark V and possibly Mk II.

Just now, Forgeworld added a Mk IV squad:

In addition to last week’s Mk III release:

40k preview – Eldar Night Spinner and Fire Prism 3

40k preview – Eldar Night Spinner and Fire Prism

Two White Dwarf previews have snook onto the Internet, showing us the new kits for the Eldar Night Spinner and a rather well endowed Fire Prism.

My thoughts?

The Night Spinner looks great, I’m glad to finally see this old vehicle make it to 40k form.

The Fire Prism looks top heavy and I can imagine a lot of initial reactions from people will be to drop the lance part. Particularly if you happen to have existing metal prisms in your collection. The labce would make a handy objective instead!