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Preparing for a big battle

Despite having run a large-scale 40k battle at least once a year, I still don’t seem to fully have a hang of the task. Perhaps this is a good thing, if the alternative would being complacent and likely unprepared. I think the main issue is the feeling of steering the whole scenario alone this time round and not having a distinct list of what I’ll be taking to play with.


Ork Boat rules – Operation Ironclad

On 17th May the Big Cap Battles team will be playing Operation Ironclad. Like its namesake, this scenario will be a naval and air assault on a fortified island, involving Eldar, Tau, Orks and various Imperial footprints.

Alongside the game, there’s a competition being run for best Ork boat! As everyone has taken the effort to make all manner of naval vehicles for Orks (and some Eldar) it became evident that we needed some rules for them. So, I present the v1.0 rules for a selection of custom Ork vehicles and related rules.


Hobby Post : SAWS event day

Neil of Orange here with a hobby event report.  Yesterday was the first SAWS event – Salisbury Area Wargaming Show.  I’ve been heavily involved in organising this and as a free event it was, I think, really successful.  We’ve been extremely lucky with a good number of sponsors who made the event possible and a quite exciting for those involved on the day.  If you happened to be in Salisbury yesterday and you walked past the library you’d have seen this postboard welcoming you:


Salisbury Area Wargame Show

In you happen to be local to Salisbury today, make sure you check out the Salisbury Area Wargame Show.

10157232_1569661599925706_2096620079_nThe first of its kind in Salisbury, SAWS aims to open up the Wargaming hobby to the community with a good number of display games and sponsor companies offering sample products and promotional codes. Krakon Games are sponsoring the event, with my brother on hand showing off some of the releases and unreleased models.




Big Cap Battle #1

This year, at the summer Beer & Pretzels event run by Spirit Games, we ran a hefty Apocalypse 40k game. The planning and involvement was somewhat hush hush to keep the project succinct and to test the water with running such a big game outside one of our houses.

The day was a success – more than I had anticipated – and left us wanting to run more in the future.

There was the good: