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Panzerfäuste Gnome Buildings

The Panzerfäuste: Mechanised Warfare in a Mythical Realm Kickstarter included some quaint building add-ons for the Gnomes. Whether I was going to decide to get into the game or not didn’t seem relevant – the buildings looked great and would be suitable for most of the games I play. They went on the wish list and I managed to acquire them early for a thorough review.

There are 4 buildings:


Panzerfäuste Gnome Voltigeur Section Review

The newly-formed Hysterical Games recently ran a Kickstarter to fund their new wargame, Panzerfäuste: Mechanised Warfare. I was lucky enough to buy some items early for review, all of a Gnomish nature.

What really drew me in were the Gnome terrain pieces as they are suitable for all sorts of games, since Panzerfäuste is a 28mm wargame game. That review will follow later.