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Minature Review: Ramshackle Rhebok

Hi all,

Neil of Orange here once more with another review.  Its been Kickstarter related toy time here for a while so I’ve been working my way through the new stuff and taking photos to share the joy.

Today we’re looking at Ramshackle Games‘ recent Kickstarter, “Brothers of Iron”.  I backed this project as a means to provide my growing 40k Inquisitor force with some transports.  I have some Ramshackle stuff already, a truck, a train and a smattering of figures.  From my prior experience I was expecting robust, big, rough around the edges models, hence the Ramshackle name I guess.


Reaper Bones : Cthulhu review

Neil of Orange here with a miniature review.

What seems like an age ago now I backed the Reaper Bones kickstarter campaign and very recently I received a big box of goodies in the post.  Hopefully I’ll look at some of the other figures I got over time, but today we’re going to look at the iconic Cthulhu figure that was one of the add-ons I chose.



Unboxing: Games Workshop’s Eldar Spiritseer

Lat week I picked up an Eldar Spiritseer for a 600 point doubles tournament. My list was pretty simple, revolving around a Wraithknight, as my ally was bringing 2 Riptides. It seemed rude not to bring all the big robots…

The Spiritseer model is another fine Eldar sculpt that fits seamlessly into their range. I have been fortunate with the latest incarnation of Eldar models as a lot of the display models and box art show my chosen Craftworld – Saim Hann, so I can pretty much paint by numbers.


Review: KingFluff Knights

KingFluff is one of those hobbyists who takes it a step further than even the most rabid collector. Custom building and casting everything he possibly can, he is a stickler for producing models for his hobby where nothing official is available.

Today I took the time to review his Knight model kit. This is a conversion package, but provides you with all the components to convert a model into a Knight, with many variant options. You will need a Blood Slaughter kit to convert for this, as it is based on the hull from that model.