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Star Trek Attack Wing – Pure builds and who are the main factions?

Players ask “Which faction do you collect?” and I retort “Which don’t I collect?”. This is an important point for many collectible games. In Star Trek Attack Wing, you can mix up your fleet with different ships and cards unless the organiser says otherwise. This allows you to look into options beyond a single faction and in many ways quadruples (at the moment) the card pool. Variation is the spice of life and Star Trek delivers.


Star Trek Attack Wing – Flagship update and better Essen images

Thanks to Christian Forst, we have some crisper images from the STAW products shown at Essen.


This is a great shot of the Independent Flagship card. From what I can tell, it reads:

“When defending, all other friendly ships within Range 1 of your flagship gain +1 defense die.

Independent faction.

+Battle Stations action
+Tech Upgrade
+Secondary Weapon

+1 Primary weapons
+1 Agility
+1 Shields

Cost 10



Space Mats (& Battle Mats) review

In all the rage of space ship miniature games lately, I decided to fork out for a 3×3 (foot) vinyl mat to play on. I’d previously got some 3v3 MDF boards cut but quickly realised that you need more space to put all the cards on for the likes of X-Wing and Star Trek Attack Wing. When playing on larger boards, you can easily forget where the board edge is and fly your ships off to their doom! So, a 3v3 map on a larger table seems the best compromise. However, you can of course  buy larger dimensions if needed.

Star Trek: Attack Wing  I.K.S. Koraga/K’Vort Class preview 1

Star Trek: Attack Wing I.K.S. Koraga/K’Vort Class preview

Wizkids have started their Star Trek Attack Wing Wave 1 previews, beginning with quite possible the most anticipated ship to date… the Klingon Bird of Prey I.K.S. Koraga/K’Vort.

I.K.S. Koraga

I.K.S. Koraga

Check out the official blog preview.

For reference, the full set of wave ship previews is now:

  • U.S.S. Defiant Expansion Pack (Federation) – preview
  • I.K.S. Kronos One Expansion Pack (Klingon) – preview
  • I.R.W. Praetus Expansion Pack (Romulan) – preview
  • 5th Wing Patrol Ship 6 Expansion Pack (Dominion) – preview

Can you Defeat the Kobayashi Maru?

Wizkids have announced a fun competition for Star Trek Attack Wing. If you send in a video recording of yourself beating the Kobayashi Maru scenario from the Enterprise expansion, you could win a prize. However, you can also send in videos of the Klingons winning, as they are also selecting a winner from those videos.


Full details of the competition are here.


Star Trek Attack Wing: Flagships – Independent card sighted?

If you look closely at the images taken at Spiel 2013, there’s something unusual about the flagship card.


We’ve been able to make some educated assumptions about the flagship cards from the Dominion War page. It states there are 4 flagship cards and shows an image of them, one for each of the 4 main factions.



So, if you look back at the Spiel card, where the faction symbol sits… it had an Independents symbol.