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Being a Wyrd (malifaux) Henchman

On 27th February this year, Jacqulyn welcomed me to the ranks of the illustrious Henchman program.

I bought my first Malifaux models over 4 years ago, followed by the rulebook, but never really pushed myself to have a proper go at the game.  My brother, however, later got into the game after I showed him the models and book and has been a Henchman himself for some time. Living some 150 miles apart, we haven’t actually played all that much (just one game!) and so my interest lapsed.


Event Post : Malifaux Treasure Hunters

Neil of Orange here with a write up of my successful Malifaux event from 22/03/2014.

I was looking forward to this event as the first one since wave 2 had been made official – a lot more models were now available for my players to use.  This was however tinged by some sadness as it marks the last event I will be running in the 7th Heaven Games shop as soon they will be closing.  The club will continue in a new venue and I’ll be looking to host events if enough interest continues, but its very unfortunate to lose an independent game shop.