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Malifaux Hobby Post : Painting Tara the Herald of Oblivion

Neil of Orange here with a bit of a hobby update from the world of Malifaux.  I’m a big fan of Wyrd’s flagship game and a “Henchman” for the local area, running demos, games and events for Malifaux.  This means I am constantly dabbling with miniatures from the range and with the release of the second edition (M2E as its being called) there’s been a flood of new plastic kits containing some fantastic (in all senses of the word) models.


Event round up : Goodbye to Malifaux 1.5 Tournament

Hi all, Neil of Orange here doing my official Wyrd Henchman bit for Malifaux and reporting on my recent tournament event.

For those of you who are new to the game of Malifaux, I’ve written about it a bit on my old blog and you’ll find excellent posts all over the internet, but I’ll recommend GMorts blog as particularly good one.  In summary for the purposes of this post, Malifaux is a Victoriana-Steampunk-Goth-Horror-Western genre skirmish game where a playing card deck (a standard 52 card one plus the jokers) are used instead of dice.