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Fielding Genestealer Cult as Orks 2

Fielding Genestealer Cult as Orks

Quite surprisingly (for me), Orks received the most positive response for which Codex to use to field a Genestealer Cult army. What options for Genestealer Cults have within the Ork Codex? Lets’s see how others have approached it:

Gorgon’s Genestealer Cult army is played using Codex Orks. You may well recognise his work here. For a more literal Ork Genestealer Cult, Ninjabread has a lovely converted Ork Hybrid army.

Gorgon paired his choices as follows:

Planning a new army? Genestealer Cult 8

Planning a new army? Genestealer Cult

With no upcoming tournaments or campaigns planned, I find I hit a lull in my hobby motivation. I am aware of a few campaigns in 2011, but the distances and cost are tough to justify – I could buy a new army for the cost of a weekend of gaming, is it worth it and can I afford it?

Do the ends justify the means? Can you put a cost against motivation and having fun? Perhaps I should consign the consequence to hell and get on with the painting!