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Reaper Bones : Cthulhu review

Neil of Orange here with a miniature review.

What seems like an age ago now I backed the Reaper Bones kickstarter campaign and very recently I received a big box of goodies in the post.  Hopefully I’ll look at some of the other figures I got over time, but today we’re going to look at the iconic Cthulhu figure that was one of the add-ons I chose.


Review : Space Ork bodies from Micro Art Studio 1

Review : Space Ork bodies from Micro Art Studio

Due to some silly accidents recently (even after 20 years of using a craft knife its easy to slip…) my painting and scenery projects have not progressed as quickly as I had hoped, so to break the silence, something completely different.

A good friend of mine collects space orks and was keen to put together some nice looking freebooters/flash gitz for his army.  Thanks to Whitehorn’s list of alternative suppliers, Jim (a member of this very website) was able to source an interesting selection of bits to create his flashy freebooters with.

Product review: Maxmini – Giant Wolves 6

Product review: Maxmini – Giant Wolves

A little box arrived from Poland yesterday. Inside I found this: Maxmini‘s newly released Giant Wolf set. Here’s all the parts available:

  • Wolf body
  • 3 wolf head variants
  • Wolf leg
  • Rider legs
  • Wolf pelt


Note that you get 1 random head per purchase, selected from one of these 3. Maxmini are more than happy to provide the head of your choice if you include a note.


Product review: Maxmini – Feral Heads 1

Product review: Maxmini – Feral Heads

Hot off the anvil this week, the Polish mail swifty delivered us a pack of Maxmini’s newly released Feral heads. With the poll for next company to review clearly showing Maxmini as favourite, this review seemed inevitable.


Maxmini continue to produce highly detailed and well cast bits for all our custom model builds. The latest release from their ‘heads’ section are the Feral heads pack. Priced at almost £1 each they are quite a pricy investment for just a head, but as you will see below, the quality and scale of these heads perfectly complement your models and with minimal effort.

Product review: Outcast – Grizzled Heads 3

Product review: Outcast – Grizzled Heads

Welcome to the first MyWargame product review!

Hailing from a new company, Outcast Wargames, the Grizzled Squad Leader Heads set is a pack of 5 human heads suitable for 25-28mm miniatures. At a cost of £2.50, the 5 heads come to 50p each. This equates to 10-30p more than buying a plastic head from a bitz store but a good ~30p less than other custom stores such as Maxmini. For a selection of unique and varied heads it is easily justified, if only to break up the monotony of your troopers’ faces!