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Ramshackle Games – Robots review

Curtis at Ramshackle Games has been running another Kickstarter. This time we have a selection of robots and pieces that can be assembled in whatever way you fancy to create your desired robot(s).


I got a few pieces early to put together a review for the Kickstarter.

2015-05-22 22.17.12

The amount of choice can leave you feeling a bit lost at first, but once you isolate the legs and torsos, the rest is down to weapons preference.

Ramshackle latest – Nuclear Resistance, Quad bikes 3

Ramshackle latest – Nuclear Resistance, Quad bikes

Ramshackle Games have continued to churn out quality, cheap miniatures for their Nuclear Resistance range, models I have found to be very useful and compatible with Warhammer 40,000 or similar scaled games.

From their latest offering, I ordered a selection of tech-like models and one of the new quad bikes:

Quad bike (male rider) – £2.50
Drug-crazed lunatics – £1.50 for both
Ironstrike – £1.50

A model a day – day 15: Tech adept Pontius 1

A model a day – day 15: Tech adept Pontius

A model a day; day 15 – Tech adept Pontius.

This model was very much a spur of the moment idea. No prior planning was involved. I got the model from Ramshackle this week, marvelled at how much it could fit into Ad-mech armies and… put my brush where my mouth was.

I wanted to make some changes to the model to make it fit in with the usual IP trap and flow with the look of my army. A few minor changes really changed the whole feel of the model in the end, so I am quite pleased with the result.

I will most likely attempt something similar with the other Ramshackle models shown here.

Review – Ramshackle: Gilgamesh, Tahir, Pontius, Asclepius 1

Review – Ramshackle: Gilgamesh, Tahir, Pontius, Asclepius

I recently placed an order with Ramshackle Games as I was informed they are running a promotion with a free model. Previously I’ve ordered machine parts from them for use in conversions, but have been looking for an excuse to get hold of some of their other models.

Having a quick ponder through the new models since my last visit I came across a selection of augmented folk who would feel right at home amongst a Mechanicus force, modified or not.

Quite amazingly, these models cost a mere £1.50-£2.50 each!

For now, here’s are some fresh scale shots of each of the models.


Miniature companies, heed our call!

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