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Building a Storm Raven – part 4 4

Building a Storm Raven – part 4

I ordered spare Autocannons from a Bits site and they thankfully arrived today, allowing me to post up some completed shots of the model.

Please note that this model’s armaments do not relfect the Storm Raven I Codex: Blood Angels. While I have built the model to be a Raven, my personal intention for it is a Storm Hawk for my Mechanicum army. This is a cutom unit for a special campaign.

Building a Storm Raven – part 1 15

Building a Storm Raven – part 1

With the addition of the ‘Storm Hawk’ to the Age of the Emperor pack, my Mechanicum force is able to field a very handy skimmer transport. More importantly, I have an excuse to build one of those Storm Ravens everyone is having a crack at!

The kit is almost wholly made from a Valkyrie. I used a few leftover bits from a Chimera for the cockpit.