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Pre-Heresy Top Ten #2 0

Pre-Heresy Top Ten #2

The second installment of top ten pre-Heresy links, bringing you a selection from this week’s news and blogs and a blast from the past.

  1. Word Bearers – by Vredesbyrd
  2. Pre-Heresy Dreadnought walkthrough – by underthecouch.net
  3. MkI Luna Wolves – by SQ
  4. Luna Wolves Horus – by Yvraith
  5. Custodes – by Orkidus
  6. Imperial Reaver and Warhound – by Weemen
  7. Librarian Dreadnought* – by Hired Gun
  8. Werewolf (Wolfen!) heads previews – by Maxmini
  9. ‘Heresy’ heads  – pack 1pack 2 – by Chapterhouse studios
  10. Blast from the past: Truescale Alpha Legion – by Masteroftheforge

*The Dread is pretty much 40k, but the paint job (ignoring the chalices) has a very Thousand Sons feel to it. I think the conversion alone is worth a mention here.

Pre-Heresy Top Ten #1 0

Pre-Heresy Top Ten #1

Every week I hope to bring you a selection of links to other pre-heresy blogs, releases and news from the growing community. This is intended to be scheduled for Wednesdays, but I finally decided to give the feature life this morning. Wednesday is my ‘day of gaming’, so I don’t get to spend any time painting in the evening – hence the increasing lack of  ‘a model a day’ on Wednesdays.