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Path of the Traitor count down 1

Path of the Traitor count down

In just 3 days the Great Crusade team will be congregating at Warhammer World for a weekend of pre-Heresy gaming, both themed and freeform.

From The Path of the Traitor announcement:

You are all encouraged to bring your work-in-progress AOTE armies and play with the lists and rules you intend to use for the event in May – consider this a good chance to try out those new units and combos beforehand.

Blood Angels – new models sighted 4

Blood Angels – new models sighted

This image has popped up on various forums, apparently from the March WHite Dwarf, portraying some new Space Marine models are parts for the Blood Angels

Image Copyright 2010 Games Workshop - click to enlarge

The keen eyed will quickly notice just how many new parts are involved here:

  • Modelled wings on shoulder pads – ideal for pre-Heresy Emperor’s Children as well as Blood Angels.
  • A new mark III helmet, easily converted to any legion by removing or adapting the tears on the mouth guard.
  • Another mark IV helmet, similar to the Black Templar sprue.
  • Mark V and VIII chest plates – Mk 8 is great for Mk II conversions!
  • High-crested shoulder pad – useful for Custodes or Honor guard kit bashes.

Image Copyright 2010 Games Workshop - click to enlarge

Review : Space Ork bodies from Micro Art Studio 1

Review : Space Ork bodies from Micro Art Studio

Due to some silly accidents recently (even after 20 years of using a craft knife its easy to slip…) my painting and scenery projects have not progressed as quickly as I had hoped, so to break the silence, something completely different.

A good friend of mine collects space orks and was keen to put together some nice looking freebooters/flash gitz for his army.  Thanks to Whitehorn’s list of alternative suppliers, Jim (a member of this very website) was able to source an interesting selection of bits to create his flashy freebooters with.

Dark Angels painting tutorial 2

Dark Angels painting tutorial

I noticed in the painting poll that Dark Angels got quite a few votes and having recently started an army I thought I’d put a little tutorial together. Much as Whitehorn/Rusty Dice did with the Space Wolves, this is a ‘ready for tabletop’ standard painting guide, but I think they look quite good and am pleased with the overall effect that my army is starting to take on in squads.  If you are looking for display standard painting tips, I’m afraid you’ll need to wait for Kidjal to do a tutorial 😉

Maxmini Giant Wolf revisited – Painted Thunderwolf 0

Maxmini Giant Wolf revisited – Painted Thunderwolf

A quick return to the Maxmini Giant Wolf kit that was previously reviewed here, I got round to painting the model (not base!) in pre-Heresy Space Wolf colours. He’s lacking insignia and squad markings,making it looks a little monotone with my choice to do the wolf grey too (oops)!

An enjoyable model to paint overall, but I clearly need some practice doing fur and Canids as a whole. I’m determined to get hold of some bike bases and give this little fellow a proper base.

Guides: Pre-Heresy Space marines 0

Guides: Pre-Heresy Space marines

With the pre-Heresy series growing I want a place to keep track of all the articles in a good format and order. This page will be updated as new guides are posted.

Mark I power armour:
Part A
Part B
Part C

Mark III power armour:
Part A
Part B
Part C

Mark IV power armour:
Full tutorial

Guides for painting legions:
Space Wolves

Misc tutorials:
Using beads as armour studs