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Nurgle, Blightkings, Dragon

By Rusty Dice 2015-01-13 20.00.02

I forgot to post up my second Nurgle model on Tuesday as part of my paint a unique Nurgle model every 7 days challenge, but I most certainly completed a second model.

In fact, I've painted 5 now.

2015-01-13 20.00.02
2015-01-13 20.00.16

These models were so fun to paint, I did the whole lot together, but didn't really know whether to make that 5 weeks or models, or just post the lot up!


Nurgle challenge – week 1 – Nurgle Blightking

By Rusty Dice bk1

Yesterday I previewed the first of my Nurgle models to be painted. I've challenged myself to paint up a unique Nurgle model every 7 days.

Here is the finished model. I may revisit the base once I've experimented on some blanks, but for now I am happy with the badlands feel.

The Verdigris looks a bit bright due to my camera compensating for it being so poorly lit here. I will be doing group shots in better lighting as this project progresses.


Gaming resolutions for 2015

By Rusty Dice 2015-01-12 23.01.58

It's taken me a couple of weeks to decide but I am ready to pose myself the challenge(s). At first I only decided on one challenge for this year - to play every game (board game, tabletop game) I own at least once this year. I have quite a lot of board games, so I started early, with a game of Sebok and Small World: Underground at the club last week - our first meeting of the year. I've already got my regular, Star Trek: Attack Wing, under the belt and am getting Dreadball out of the way next week. Rather than simply list what I've played - infinitely interesting to you all, I'm sure - I'll try and take some pictures too.


Sculpting Oldhammer Daemons – Flamers

By Rusty Dice oldhammer flamers of tzeentch 1

Some classic models are easy to acquire, others are rare or expensive. In an attempt to get back into sculpting and fill some gaps in my army, I've decided to try and create my own versions of Oldhammer models.

I got some new styluses for Christmas, so here's the obligatory tool shot.

sculpting tools

I've been working with the blue stylus (smallest) and a basic clay shaper. You tend to get comfortable with a single weapon rather than swapping through the options!


Assembling the Oldhammer Beastman horde

By Rusty Dice 2014-12-02 20.58.43

The horde grows.

I have been very distracted by Minotaurs. The lovely folk over at the Oldhammer trading group (a sister group of the Oldhammer forum) are great for trading miniatures. I've been swapping unwanted treasures for all sorts of hairy goodness.

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