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Malifaux Schemes + Strategies deck

By Rusty Dice Large_Strat

I've finally got hold of a S&S deck!

If there was ever one bad thing to be said about Malifaux, it would be the amount of memory aids required. Remembering strategies/schemes and flicking back to the rulebook can be a little tedious, often leaving me wondering why there wasn't an official deck to use. Wyrd were quite aware.


Well, now there is and it certainly delivers.


100 man army – Age of Darkness

By Rusty Dice 10670221_745615208809256_7469488174180975931_n

I've been quite heavily involved in the "pre-heresy" and "age of darkness" scene for many years now, particularly a time before Forge World took on the mantle. It's a rich and inspiring era of the 40k universe, an age of greater heroes and arguably nobler times. I've enjoyed converting both space marines and their counters for years, but something has shied me away from getting more involved in the post-Forgeworld environment. I can't help but think it's the tanks.


Knight Models Marvel Super Heroes

By Neil of Orange Group shot

I've been enjoying painting Knight Models' Marvel superheroes recently, you may have seen me spamming the facebook page for MyWargame with the individual models.  I decided the photos really didn't show off the models in the best light and I wanted to take some group shots too.


Painting some Scum

By Rusty Dice 2014-09-09 21.24.49

With the new X-wing faction, Scum and Villainy, on the horizon, I decided to take the plunge and get into the game. Boba Fett is a favourite for many Star Wars fans, so to have a faction for bounty hunters and criminals, who can resist?

Despite being drawn in by Boba Fett's Firespray and making it my first purchase, I chose to repaint the ship as a different bounty hunter - Kath Scarlet.


Embracing Oldhammer

By Rusty Dice 2014-06-27 15.17.26

Having been into the Warhammer hobby for 25 years now, the "Oldhammer" community feels like a natural hangout for me. Lots of veteran players gather to discuss (and lament) the classic days of Warhammer and Rogue Trader. Nostalgia is a powerful feeling and Oldhammer delivers it by the bucket load.

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