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Hobby Post : Wood Elves for Warhammer Fantasy Battle and beyond

By Neil of Orange IMG_2392 - Copy

Neil of Orange here,  with a bit of a musing around collecting Wood Elves - mostly with a focus on Warhammer Fantasy Battle, hope you enjoy the trips down memory lane and my thoughts and hopes for the future.  With rumours of a new book on the horizon (only their 3rd  solo book ever - I think I have about 6 undead books now) I got nostalgic over this long weekend.

I started playing Warhammer in its 3rd edition.  During this time thanks to the rulebook coming with paper cut out units in the back I played with just about every army there was - and pretty large armies at that.  The fact they were practically 2 dimensional didn't matter, I played on the floor and had a huge amount of fun.  Every army was in a single book to start with (Warhammer Armies, see below) so access to rules and lists for everything was made very easy.  My first foray into actual miniatures was for Warhammer 40K, thanks to the likes of Space Hulk, but as I become more engrossed in the hobby I started considering collecting a fantasy army.



Sculpting alien skin bases

By Rusty Dice 2014-04-14 22.03.52

I find sculpting alien bases a bit therapeutic. I've done over 25 designs for my fledgling company, Krakon Games.

2014-02-01 11.01.45

Here's a handy little tutorial showing how I go about it.

First, select a base.

2014-04-14 20.02.39

Then roll some putty - enough to cover the surface of the base with about 2mm of thickness.

2014-04-14 20.02.46


Wet your thumb and slowly push the putty into the base, right up to the edges.


Event Post : Malifaux Treasure Hunters

By Neil of Orange IMG_2217 - Copy

Neil of Orange here with a write up of my successful Malifaux event from 22/03/2014.

I was looking forward to this event as the first one since wave 2 had been made official - a lot more models were now available for my players to use.  This was however tinged by some sadness as it marks the last event I will be running in the 7th Heaven Games shop as soon they will be closing.  The club will continue in a new venue and I'll be looking to host events if enough interest continues, but its very unfortunate to lose an independent game shop.


Wargaming on a budget – report for week 3-4

By Rusty Dice 20140317_202138[1]

Continuing my budget series as laid out by wargaming to a budget and continued in weeks 1-2, here is my report for week 3-4.

I will start by announcing I purchased an Imperial Knight. At £65, this would have required at least 6 games of 40k to be played. However, I am selling my Eldar Revenant Titan for £150, so the "purchase" was budget neutral.


Masters of Malifaux

By Rusty Dice mom

Try as I might to link new players to guides and introductions, they always seem to ask a question I cannot quickly answer. So in an attempt to create a few guide articles, the first will be a catalogue of masters.

Before I delve in, I would like to bring your attention to a fantastic set of articles posted by GMorts. He is working his way through unboxing every Malifaux crew set and has written oodles of Malifaux tutorials.

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