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Creatures of the Night – Anibal

My third sculpt from the COTN range is Anibal, who is essentially a Minotaur. My first minotaur! I have a thing for Minotaurs, so this sort of sculpt was inevitable and is certainly the first of many. There was a bit of a disaster with the mold’s rubber, causing all sorts of delays and issues getting him cast, but we did salvage some good copies that are being used to build new models forthe range and likely other projects.

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Creatures of the Night – Slanga

My second sculpt from the COTN range is essentially an Undead Ogre. His name is Slanga, one of the sons of Partholon. He is available to buy from Krakon Games.

As explained in yesterday’s post, I started this range with the challenge of making 3 undead models.  Slanga was the first undead model I started and obviously the first to be finished. I am mostly happy with the final model, but I rushed his right shoulder, leaving it far too thin. His skull is a little shallow, but then he is an Ogre.

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Creatures of the Night – Nemain

This year I took the decision to push ahead with my sculpting ambitions. I made it my profession. Or half-profession, as I still do web development freelance to balance the books (read: eat food).

In between producing models for paying customers, I am exploring my own miniature range – Creatures of the Night. I set myself lofty goals. I work at them. They often change. It’s easy to get inspired (read: distracted) by new ideas.

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Assembling the puppets – Sorceror of Tzeentch and Tzaangor

In a rare show of progress, I have assembled the Tzeentch Sorceror and spent some time on adding a few starting models to the warband. Here is a converted Cyclops from Heresy Miniatures.


Joining these two heroes will be the forces provided by the Silver Tower. I have begun by assembling 3 of the Tzaangor to test paint.


Now, to paint them!

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A change of ways

With the promise of a new lease of life for Age of Sigmar (read: a points system) and combined with the glorious models that came with Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower, I have decided to try and kickstart a little “Tale of” amongst my local players to work up a combined effort to collect and play AOS again.

This overly exciting post is to announce said project and show the first model I intend to build for it. This is the Tzeentch Sorceror, who has rules for both AOS and WHQ.