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Troll Forged Miniatures Assimilation Alien Host Kickstarter

By Rusty Dice egg

I will state a few details first and then get onto the product review. Take this as you will. I think I had become so disinterested in this project now due to the time delay that I no longer had any feelings for or against it.

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A return to old

By Rusty Dice son of horus cataphractii terminator

6 years ago I was starting a new army - the Sons of Horus, a "pre-heresy" as we called it back then. I forget now, whether they came before of after my Salamanders - the colour didn't change all that much. I think I didn't even got so far as altering their pads, as they were never marked in the first place!


A small Thing I did for charity

By Neil of Orange Featured Thing

Its nice when your hobby can do some good, so I was pleased to see on Tables of a Tabletop Skirmisher their Little Heroes for Little Heroes event.

In their own words then;

"So, What is Little Heroes?
For this fundraiser we are asking for people to paint up some Hero or Villain miniatures and donate them. These will then be gathered up and auctioned off here on ToaTS with ALL proceeds going to the Downs Syndrome Association."


Researching Fimir lore – part 1 – shields

By Rusty Dice 11899817_627217854047945_1509192819645864188_n

I will begin by stating that I am only just starting to get into the background of Fimir. While I have most of the resources available to me now, I haven't read them in full detail just yet.


Age of Sigmar: The Fimir

By Rusty Dice 11220833_627222480714149_3815508431682997141_n

What began as a small project to put together a few Fimir models for Age of Sigmar has quickly exploded into a whole host of Albion bogeymen. Knowing how rare (read: expensive) the classic metal Fimir models are, I didn't invest any hope in getting them. Instead I converted some plastic Heroquest models I have lying around in my various spare Heroquest boxes. I'd also managed to trade for a limited Jes Goodwin sculpt, which is of the same scale. In the long term, I planned to slowly gather a few Forgeworld models to convert as leaders and then perhaps sculpt or convert others as the warband developed.

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