Product review: Maxmini – Giant Wolves

A little box arrived from Poland yesterday. Inside I found this: Maxmini‘s newly released Giant Wolf set. Here’s all the parts available:

  • Wolf body
  • 3 wolf head variants
  • Wolf leg
  • Rider legs
  • Wolf pelt


Note that you get 1 random head per purchase, selected from one of these 3. Maxmini are more than happy to provide the head of your choice if you include a note.


The loose leg and the heads all fit together almost seamlessly. The Wolf is in a running pose, with 1 foot fully touching the ground, though a front paw could be placed on the base too.


You have the option of making the wolf riderless, by attaching the bit of pelt. This covers the bare mid-section. A good idea would be to pin or magnetise these sections so that they are interchangeable.

The model is a bit longer than a GW cavalry base.


Some minor gaps need to be filled on the neck and leg, but both of these are under or inside, so not noticeable if not addressed.mwg_tw07mwg_tw08

The rider’s legs are a very finely sclupted armour, perfecty fitting your average Space Marine should you wish to make something such as Thunderwolf Caalry.


The back of the legs include a knife, pouch and bag.mwg_tw10

How does the model scale? Lets’s place it next to a Space Wolf:mwg_tw11

As the wolf is longer than a Cavalry base, the front paw can’t easily be placed onto the base. Instead, I opted to mount the whole thing onto a rock as though it is leaping. The resin is strong enough to take a pin through the back leg and hold the weight.


With the model based and gaps filled, he’s ready to join the paining queue. Here’s a few more scale shots.



With rider:mwg_tw15mwg_tw16

Scale vs Terminator:mwg_tw17

I’m very eager to paint this with rider, so keep an eye out for an update!

Rusty Dice

Aint nothing but a horn

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6 Responses

  1. Kidjal says:

    might fit more snug on the new bike bases – theyre a touch longer with the rounded tips.

  2. Kidjal says:

    this clumsy git managed to thumbs down when aiming for thumbs up. oops.

  3. Rusty Dice says:

    50p a base. I’m in no hurry to buy those from GW 🙂

  4. Itkovian says:

    Though a bit thin for my taste – I’d have prefered more hulking shoulders, personally – this should make any space wolf player content… 😀

  5. King Fluff says:

    be good to see a comparison with Canis Wolfborn, and what about using a 60mm round base?

  1. December 13, 2009

    […] quick return to the Maxmini Giant Wolf kit that was previously reviewed here, I got round to painting the model (not base!) in pre-Heresy Space Wolf colours. He's lacking […]

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