Creating pre-Heresy weapons: Mk 1 Bolter

This is a simple tutorial showing you how to create a pre-heresy boltgun using a modern model. The end model reflects those as used by Space Marines in Mark I power armour:

Model copyright Games Workshop

Model copyright Games Workshop

Items required:

A very sharp craft knife
A regular Space Marine bolt gun

Plastic rod or plasticard and a variable sized hole puncher


Cut off all the protruding bits at the front of the gun, but keep the cut clean and save the barrel for later.


Slice down the length of the gun in line with the back end of the gun where it meets the handle. Keep this cut clean as you need all the parts.mwg_pre-heresy-boltgun-mk1_03

Clean up the main body of the gun, flattening the edges.


Also clean the grip and magazine. Then cut this section in half where the grip meets the magazine.


You should have 3 parts ready for construction now.


Continuing with the gun body, slice off the back where it meets the casing.


Then cut a diagonal line across the back from in front of the gun handle to the back corner of the casing.


Next, take the remains of the grip and hold it against the top of the gun. Mark either side of the grip’s position against the casing.


Then cut and file out the section marked as follows:


Completely remove this area and file it smooth.


The grip section should fit into the gap snugly. Glue this into position.


Then glue the magazine to the front of the gun. You may want to file the area that is to be attached, so that it has a different angle.


If the gun isn’t being held by the wielder at handle, glue this to the back of the gun.


Finally, either reattach the gun barrel or create a new one from plastic rod or several small cylinders. The old style bolt guns had longer barrels than the starting model.


Rusty Dice

Aint nothing but a horn

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4 Responses

  1. Kidjal says:

    A great little tutorial, but I feel the trigger guard would need to be reconstructed if you were going to leave the grip on

  2. Rusty Dice says:

    Indeed. I did a literal copy of the metal figure – he has his hand holding the gun in that blank area. I’d imagine most people will leave the handle off and be firing the gun though.

  3. Kidjal says:

    yeah. But if you wanted to, I imagine a small peice of strip plasticard bent around some wire and glued in place would serve.

  4. Pacific says:

    Amazing tutorial, thanks for that.

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