Creating Feral Servitors

I am slowly amassing a Dark Mechanicus force for an upcoming campaign and as such have delved into all things heretical and forbidden. One of my favourite concepts from the Mechanicum book are the feral servitors – wild and dangerous versions of a Techmarine’s beloved helpers.

I’ve used the idea before with my Soulforge themed Daemons, put want to carry the idea with the Mechanicus. For the campaign there’s no unique unit for them, but rather than using normal servitors, whom lack any oomph in combat, I use the models as proxy Plaguebearers.

Here is a quick guide for assembling and painting a feral servitor horde!

Using standard servitors from the Space Marine range, clean the models and attach combat arms. Where lacking in robot arms, I used Chaos Marauder arms, simply because they had the same muscle bulk of the base model and fairly primitive weapons.

Prime the models. In my case, I undercoated them with a mix of Charadon Granite and Tin Bitz.

Drybrush the model thoroughly with Tin Bitz, aiming to cover the metallics.

Drybrush again with Boltgun metal, concentrating on the metals and wires.

Now give the model a wash of thinned Devlan Mud to help blend these layers together.

Drybrush again with Boltgun, but taregting just the edges and protrusions on the metals to bring out the sheen of the metal.

With the rusty metallics done, the skin is next. Base coat all skin areas in Dheneb Stone. Thin your paint well – paint two smooth layers if required.

Let the paint dry and then wash the entire skin with Asurmen blue.

Again, let this dry completely before continuing. Water down Dheneb stone and paint back onto the skin where the muscle and edges protrude. Paint thin lines across the lines of muscle, building up 2 layers for depth.

For the bodysuit, a single layer of Chaos Black is painted on all non-metallic areas.

This is the complete look for the feral servitors, but you may want to add detail to the components, such as red lenses and coloured boots. I prefer the motony of the black and rusty metal as it works well against the bas ein numbers.

I used the urban base method detailed here.

Repeat until you have a sizeable horde!

Rusty Dice

Aint nothing but a horn

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2 Responses

  1. I like the sickly blue hue on these models. All in all, a rather bang-up job you’ve done on these.

    So, do you really play with this many close-combat warrior servitors in your army? That would require a fair number of inquisitors/techmarines… or do you use these as “counts as” something else?

    On another note, I also like the clean lines of your blog. Very simple and uncluttered.

  2. Rusty Dice says:

    Explained in the first wall of text 🙂

    I used them as Plague Bearers either in my Daemon army or as allied units in a campaign. The normal servitor rules are terrible.

    I also play with the Cult Mechanicus list made by tempus Fugitives, but that too lacks combat/feral servitors.

    I’ll get around to making my own rules sometime!

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