Reconstructing the Trygon – part 2

Finishing the Trygon was a quick task since I didn’t choose to modify any further parts of the model. It’s a great kit to put together and has a good few options (spares!) to choose from.

For the paint scheme I was torn between a dark glossy look, much like the Alien films, and the earthy yellow and blacks of Starship Troopers’ bugs. I opted for an Alien-inspired theme, but with a few subtle changes to move it away from the monotone black.

Here are the base colours:

  1. Orkhide shade base coat
  2. Add Astronomican grey to the Orky green and drybrush successivly lighter layers
  3. Apply a wash of thinned Badab black to the whole model
  4. Further apply thinned Badab black to the lower areas of the model and detail
  5. Paint pure Chaos black the the extreme shadow areas
  6. Add final highlights of roughly 2:1+ Orkhide:Astronomican

The teeth had to be done bright white for an ideal constrast, but I’m unsure where to take the bodily spikes and claws. Here’s a couple of shots showing the whole model (click to enlarge):


Aint nothing but a horn

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