Top five 40k armies I’d like to build

I am always looking 5 years ahead with new projects and fooling myself about the realistic time-scale attached. Even before I’ve fully planned and built current projects new ideas encroach upon my thoughts.

My inspirations are generally hobby-lead, seeking to make that extra-flavoured army, rather than the next tournament beater. I always strive to challenge myself with greater feats of customising models and sculpting.

Here’s my top ten army projects:

Adeptus Arbites
The blatant Judge Dredd feel to the Arbites carries enough cool to visit them as an army one day. I saw someone convert an Ork Battlewagon to a riot truck – that is definitely on my to-do list!

Kroot Mercenaries
I’ve never felt much love for the Tau or their models, but the Kroot stood-out as underdogs with a very primal appeal.  Being able to field a full army of these (FW models included) would be a lot of fun! I’m, just not sure I could force myself to paint them though!

Exodite Eldar
The new Cold Ones and Stegadon models are edging this plan closer, but short of a few arty pieces, I’m not sure I’d lumber myself with trying to work out a decent proxy for the models should I ever do this army.

Tyranid Cultists.
I had hoped the new Tyranid codex would maintain Broodlords as a HQ choice, but alas it was not so. The classic Patriarch, Magos and hybrid models hold much nostalgia for me, alongside much of 1st edition concepts. If I ever work out which army is best to proxy for this army, I’d be’In your base, stealing your genes! tomorrow.

A Rifts-inspired army
(Palladium Rifts RPG). I love the concept and art for this game and always wondered how I could best incorporate it into my tabletop hobby.  Coalition or NGR? Perhaps a new Tau Codex will sway me to decide., as they’d have to include Mechs either way.

I left pre-Heresy armies out of this as clearly I want to do them all *wink*.

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