Top five 40k armies I’d like to build

I am always looking 5 years ahead with new projects and fooling myself about the realistic time-scale attached. Even before I’ve fully planned and built current projects new ideas encroach upon my thoughts.

My inspirations are generally hobby-lead, seeking to make that extra-flavoured army, rather than the next tournament beater. I always strive to challenge myself with greater feats of customising models and sculpting.

Here’s my top ten army projects:

Adeptus Arbites
The blatant Judge Dredd feel to the Arbites carries enough cool to visit them as an army one day. I saw someone convert an Ork Battlewagon to a riot truck – that is definitely on my to-do list!

Kroot Mercenaries
I’ve never felt much love for the Tau or their models, but the Kroot stood-out as underdogs with a very primal appeal.  Being able to field a full army of these (FW models included) would be a lot of fun! I’m, just not sure I could force myself to paint them though!

Exodite Eldar
The new Cold Ones and Stegadon models are edging this plan closer, but short of a few arty pieces, I’m not sure I’d lumber myself with trying to work out a decent proxy for the models should I ever do this army.

Tyranid Cultists.
I had hoped the new Tyranid codex would maintain Broodlords as a HQ choice, but alas it was not so. The classic Patriarch, Magos and hybrid models hold much nostalgia for me, alongside much of 1st edition concepts. If I ever work out which army is best to proxy for this army, I’d be’In your base, stealing your genes! tomorrow.

A Rifts-inspired army
(Palladium Rifts RPG). I love the concept and art for this game and always wondered how I could best incorporate it into my tabletop hobby.  Coalition or NGR? Perhaps a new Tau Codex will sway me to decide., as they’d have to include Mechs either way.

I left pre-Heresy armies out of this as clearly I want to do them all *wink*.

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5 Responses

  1. sonsoftaurus says:

    I feel your pain, I have a constant (and often changing) mental army list as well.

    Arbites would be a fun army to make just for Kill Team vs. having to make a “full” army. Of course could also do Necromunda…

    For me Kroot are pretty simple and fun to paint. White basecoats and washes can get you far.

    For Genestealer Cults I think IG would be a good book. Regular tanks and troopers for the bulk, and maybe penal legionnaires for hybrids. Straken for a broodlord/patriarch and a primaris psyker as a Magus.

    I think CSM could work for a Coalition army. Basic CSM for regular troops, Bile-enhanced warriors for Juicers, Plague Marines for Borgs, defilers for the skull-walker things.

  2. Rusty Dice says:

    Woah, someone else knows Rifts!

    I think you’re right about approaching some of them as smaller forces. I can’t imagine doing a whole army of Arbites, but a small group, as you say, would be a close-ended, achievable and fun project.

    My issue with Kroot is them all having lots of ‘skin’ on show. That bores me when it gets to painting. I like lots of armour and metallics.

    Guard are likely the only list worth doing a cult with. I toyed with the idea of termagants as brood brothers, but I can;t imagine doing a proper force void of tanks.

  3. Magos Explorator says:

    I am reminded again we’ve got a lot in common. 😉 The projects I’m either starting up at the moment or want to get around to are:

    – Mechanicum Skitarii (attached to Legio Mortis, pre-Heresy)
    – Lamenters veterans space marines
    – Genestealer Cult
    – Another pre-Heresy Space Marine force (after my Thousand Sons–a couple of the other Legions appeal to me a lot, and I’l like to try True-Scaling)
    – Eldar Exodites
    – Eldar Corsairs (awaiting the Dark Eldar return before I see what the fluff’s doing with these)

    Never enough time…

  4. Rusty Dice says:

    I was thinking about truescale last night… treading water for now 🙂

  5. Spy_Smasher says:

    I’m slowly building an Arbites army, based on the IG Codex. 🙂

    I agree with you on the Exodites and Genestealer Cultists and would have to add Squats, personally. Much maligned and now extinct, they were my first 40K models back in the Rogue Trader days.

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