Mortis Skitarii

At the core of my Dark Mechanicum army stand the Skitarii Hypasposts. Armed with Hellguns and carapace armour, they’re as hard as Imperial veterans, but take less risks getting into battle – arriving behind enemy lines from their Termites.

Previously I fielded the Hypaspists inside Chimeras as I’d already built the models. Enjoying the threatening anti-tank weaponry of the Chimeras, I’ve chosen to keep them as a backup transport, rather using their firepower to press the enemy into forming a response. This gives the Hypaspists some cover as they arrive with multiple meltaguns to deal with enemy armour and infantry alike.

Two complete maniples of 12 Hypaspists are now ready for use, accompanied by a Termite each.

Fielding Kelbor Hal allows abilities to be bestowed upon maniples. One may be given heavy bionics with another gaining tank hunters. I’ve tried to reflect this bonus by including various bionic parts on models within one of the maniples.


Aint nothing but a horn

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