Recreating the old – Adeptus Arbites

I’ve always wanted to work on an Adeptus Arbite force, but for some reason it never happened, standing aside for other projects. With the release of the new Ork battlewagon, I saw a lovely conversion that transformed it into an Arbite riot truck. This further inspired me to eventually conjure up the effort to give them a shot. Today I started on a prototype model for an enforcer.

The parts I have chosen are:

  • Space Marine scout legs
  • Space Marine scout shotgun arms
  • Cadian chest
  • Cadian head

To convert the helmet, shave off most of the outer detail and chinguard (which I later found out wasn’t required). The imperial logo can be left on the forehead.

To create the visor, apply a small sausage of putty and stroke it into the cheeks with a clay shaper. Then use the flat of the shaper to push in the eye slot and two downward lines around the mouth. Keep smoothing the armour and redefining these two sets of edges.

Use a small ball of putty on the sides of the helmet to create the ear-section. This can be flattened with the clay shaper, maintaining a roughly circle shape.

Using a pen tip, you can press over the shape to cut a perfect circle.

Then find something smaller to create another circle inside this. The tips of a Heavy Flamer did the job here.

To recreate the face-plate depth on the helmet I chose to simply add a step to the top of the helmet. Apply a small sausage of putty and smoothe this towards the front of the helmet.

Once smoothed, use a flat object, such as a knife, to make the back end of the step straight.

Finally, add the back plate by smoothing another piece of putty and then dotted the ends.

The legs require some additional armour and some very stylised pads.

Starting with the legs, press a small ball into each knee.

Using a knife, press equally-spaced vertical lines into the pads for initial guides.

Further define the lines with a flat clayshaper and then smooth the outside edge of the pads into the legs, maintaining a spherical shape.

Repeat this process for the front of the feet.

Finally, add a large ball of putty to the thigh and carefully smooth it into a curved plate. Only a small amount is required for the obscured leg.

A similar pattern can be added to the hands in the same way.

You should notice both the legs and chest have belt buckles. At the least, cut this from the chest piece. I decided to add two extra plates to the front armour. SImply smooth some putty and cut the edges with a knife.

After assembling all the pieces, the chest felt a little small, so I added larger plates to the chest. A pitiful attempt was made to bulk out the right shoulder pad too.

This is my first prototype. The helmet and shoulder pad will be approached differently in the next attempt. I found I had some original models after completing him, which should help ith the next conversion.

And another scale shot:

Rusty Dice

Aint nothing but a horn

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  1. Noserenda says:

    Looking good dude! Do love the Arbites!

  2. tainted demon says:

    paint one please Id love to see it painted!, also, merry christmas!

  3. Reece says:

    Awesome! I am planning on doing an Arbites army and this is perfect! Thanks for the inspiration and awesome tutorial!

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