Building Sisters of Silence

This more of a creative experiment than a tutorial. I set out to test the idea of creative Sisters of Silence with the new Dark Eldar kits, an idea I’ve heard many people have, but yet to see anything put together.

There’s a growing selection of plastic pieces that can be used to make sisters, bolstered by the beautiful new models for the Dark Eldar range. Here’s a small selection from the Dark Elf Corsairs and Dark Eldar Kabalite warriors/witches boxes for the legs and torsos:

As for weapons, there’s an endless choice. Dark Eldar, Eldar, Dark Elf ranges have lots of choices. Here’s a selection, including arms from Dire Avengers, Cold One Knights, Corsairs.

Unsurprisingly, there’s just as many head options. I’ve chosen a selection from Daemonettes and Wyches. Anything with plenty of skin and tied hair should work. There’s enough heads here to give a unique look to a couple of squads.

Putting a model together is pretty simple as the best pieces to use are from the same kits – Wyches and Kabalite warriors. I left the back (bm) of the legs off as it’s covered in Dark Eldar gear – opting to sculpt some buttocks or a cloth cover. These two kits have a varied selection of armour styles, so you can take your own preference here. The artwork for sisters is very varied – from scale plate mail, to chainmail and thigh high boots.

The best head I found already had her mouth covered, although they all need some work to turn this into a mask.

I chose arms from the Corsairs kit in the case, opting fr gloves and chain mail sleeves. The sword is a trimmed Diresword from the Dire Avenger’s Exarch.

At this stage, you will have to rely largely on your sculpting skills. The facemask needs to be sculpted onto the lower half of the head and in my example, I chose to sculpt shoulder pads from scratch. In future, I will try to source alternatives for the pads – the Marauders kit has some decent pads that would work for various sisters.

Don’t shy away from using some green stuff to create components for models. This groin armour was very easy to make by pressing some putty onto a flat surface. Press lines into the putty and then let it set – cut the sides straight with a knife once it hardens.

There’s no limit to how far you can take the sculpting to bring the model closer to concept art, but the selection of pieces shown above lend enough towards a basic selection of models that suit the concept. I hope to build a selection of sisters to meet the different images shown in Collected Visions.

Sister Anahita, awaiting some more paint and a cape!

Rusty Dice

Aint nothing but a horn

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6 Responses

  1. King Fluff says:

    Looks wicked – waiting for 5 now to do my thing with

  2. Gaspard says:

    My blog is in french, but I made some sort of tutorial for the SoS, maybe you wanna check it?

    Gaspard, Belgian Reader

  3. Nekiel says:

    That came out really well. Nice work.

  4. Max says:

    Nice! Very creative use of bits!

  5. Craig says:

    This is an awesome conversion!

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