Rebooting old projects: Salamanders

Only 10 days have passed since I tried to outline my project plans for 2011. Already I’ve deviated from that course – not surprising!

I find the best motivation to be pressure from deadlines and upcoming events. It seems there will at least two pre-Heresy events that I’d like to attend in 2011:

1. Age of the Emperor (AOTE5), run by the Tempus Fugitives.

2. A strongly-hinted ship-boarding focused event ran by the Great Crusade.

It is news of the latter that has me inspired. Comparing my options with the chapters present in the Badab War (inspiration and rules behind the event, no doubt), the Salamanders crop up in both lists. As a legion I previously visited for AOTE1 and left on permanent hiatus, their neglect left me wanting to revisit them. They would require a major facelift, but there’s a LOT of material already available to me, despite converting a great many to Sons of Horus.

I like to keep each of my marine projects distinct beyond just its chapter, by way of composition and theme. For my Iron Hands, the emphasis lies with fielding multiple Dreadnoughts. My Luna Wolves are a veteran spearhead, maximising use of drop pods and jump packs.  Where should I take the Salamanders to ensure working on them will be refreshing?

As the event involves ship-to-ship combat, Terminators and MkIII power armour seem the obvious choice. Reinforced plate and the toughest armour available to the legion, the Salamander artificers could field quite a bulwark phalanx of astartes. I decided to make the theme of this reboot to take such heavy metal to the extreme.

Revisiting classic reinforced Terminator armour, here’s the first steps of building a prototype boarding marine:

Rusty Dice

Aint nothing but a horn

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  1. Neil of Orange says:

    There’s some nice detailing on him and love the head too.

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