Malifaux Hobby Post : Painting Tara the Herald of Oblivion

Neil of Orange here with a bit of a hobby update from the world of Malifaux.  I’m a big fan of Wyrd’s flagship game and a “Henchman” for the local area, running demos, games and events for Malifaux.  This means I am constantly dabbling with miniatures from the range and with the release of the second edition (M2E as its being called) there’s been a flood of new plastic kits containing some fantastic (in all senses of the word) models.

In Malifaux there are 7 factions to choose from, each containing seven leaders (“Masters”) who can lead small groups (“Crews”) into games “(Encounters”).  Just to add to the mix, there’s a number of masters who can work for more than one faction (so there’s actually less than 49 in total) and a number of models have rules that allow them to be used in factions other than their main affiliation (e.g. mercenaries can be hired by anyone, beasts can all be hired by the Beast Master “Marcus” and so on).  So why am I waffling on about this?  Well I’ve recently picked up a master, Tara the Herald of Oblivion, new to M2E who is on the face of it an Outcast – the most varied but also mercenary faction in Malifaux.  Tara however is a bit unusual in that she’s actually dead, well undead now, and so she’s also a Resurrectionist, making her one of these dual faction masters.

Tara both

The Tara box set is a special edition, a Nightmare version of the crew that was released at Gencon in August this year.  Eventually there will be a “normal” version of the crew, but for now there’s really limited numbers of this lady and her monsters walking around so if you get chance to pick one up I would recommend it!

Here’s the lady in question then, the Master of her crew.  She’s now sporting a properly drilled through hole in the chest (this’ll be why she’s dead then…) as you can see from the light showing through from both sides!  I’ve painted her largely in the colours shown on the box, her clothes are not too flamboyant, hard wearing wild west style kit.  The coat browns are P3’s Bloodtracker brown and Rucksack Tan plus some GW dark brown wash, applied in a few layers this allowed me to get 4-5 different shades on that I am really pleased with.  The boots and belt are Vallejo Dark Fleshtone with GW dark brown wash.  The skin is dwarf flesh blended right up to GW Bone.

In contrast to this her right arm is mutating into a claw akin to those the various Oblivion beasts in her crew have, so I’ve painted it to match – more details on that paint scheme below.  She also has a huge soulstone sword that I’ve attempted to paint a green-ish crystal (GW Warpstone Green) – it looks better in real life honest!  I’ve also added a fair amount of dried gore around the chest wound (using GW red and brown inks) and some KISS style eye make-up.

The base follows my standard process for the orange colour and I added a cog from broken clock to the base – I’ve decided that my outcasts will be based with rubble!

Katrina both

This is Karina, she’s Tara’s totem, mascot and all round mad as a bag of badgers lady.  I’ve stuck to the box artwork closely here, the main focus of the model being the dress that’s based on the same greens I’ve used on the Oblivion beasts, but without an usual base colour (see below).  I’ve soaked her in blood based again on the box art and ensured the trims on the dress are black.  She’s got one mad eye that I struggled to do much with, so I changed it to a wooden false eye, inspired by Pirates of the Caribbean.  Karina also gets a cog on her base.

Nothing both

The money shot!  This is the Nothing Beast and the main reason for me liking this crew so much.  It’s a huge miniature, presumably one of the figures that’ll be reduced in size in the standard edition of the box set.  I trialled the colour scheme on a Void Beast first, but wasn’t sure how it would translate onto a much bigger figure.  I think it’s worked although some of the colour progressions aren’t very subtle it still works for me.  I was inspired by the box art mainly for the colour scheme, but I went for an unusual base colour, grey-blue whereas I think the art is more brown.  I used GW’s Fang as this base and then switched over to greens – Loren Green -> Elysian Green -> Ogryn -> old GW rotting flesh.  The eyes are P3 Arcane Blue.  This beasty is so big, there’s no base showing, so I didn’t have to paint anything!

Void a both

This wee beasty is a Void Beast and another big reason I like this crew.  These critters remind me of Shredders from Hordes (another thing I collect) crossed with fleas.  They’ve only got 3 legs, how weird but also cool!  This one was the test model I did to see if the colour scheme would work.  I really like the mix of colours and you’ll notice some red wash around the eyes and teeth to add a little bit of real world fleshiness to these otherwise really otherworldly oddities.

Void d both

Here’s the second Void Beast, and a bit of photography failing too, it gets worse below as well!  This one’s lunging for a bite and really shows off how odd having three legs is, especially jointed the way these are.

Void f both

Here’s the most demure Void Beast, it’s got its mouth closed but that’s a mean glare its giving someone!

Box Art

Here’s the complete box art.  I couldn’t find a picture on the interwebs that showed the third Void Beast who is hidden away on the side panel.  The reason I wanted the complete art was to show close the models are to the art in Malifaux with M2E (and to be fair the 10 Thunders stuff from book 4 of version 1 was pretty spot on as well).


So here’s my crew more or less arranged to mimic the box art.  I mis-posed Karina and the closest Void Beast but I think overall you can see its a real triumph of concept becoming product* (or possibly the other way around, but not sure that matters!) which means based on the art in the M2E book there’s some amazing figures due to come out over the next months and years so I can’t wait.

* Although for some reason Tara doesn’t have a hat or gun hostler – maybe the normal version will!

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    Great looking crew, very nice use of green to tie them all together thematically.

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