Age of Sigmar: The Fimir

What began as a small project to put together a few Fimir models for Age of Sigmar has quickly exploded into a whole host of Albion bogeymen. Knowing how rare (read: expensive) the classic metal Fimir models are, I didn’t invest any hope in getting them. Instead I converted some plastic Heroquest models I have lying around in my various spare Heroquest boxes. I’d also managed to trade for a limited Jes Goodwin sculpt, which is of the same scale. In the long term, I planned to slowly gather a few Forgeworld models to convert as leaders and then perhaps sculpt or convert others as the warband developed.


Watching the other fellow Fimir collecters, using Knarlocs as mounts for Fimir seems to be a popular and great looking idea. I dug out all my dusty Knarlocs in order to plan trying some of my own.


However, a certain person from Mierce Miniatures contacted me with an offer too good to pass up on. In return for some of my Knarlocs, he traded me a bunch of classic Fimir and some Mierce monsters! Suddenly, the small misty band tripled in size into a fomiddable warband.


Here are the two monsters assembled:


I was wary that, while not spending a penny on the models thus far, the “army” was growing quicker than I was painting, so I set out with 2 objectives:

  1. Paint them.
  2. Don’t acquire any more until I achieve #1.

As you can see, with only 4 painted, there’s quite a majority of a “work in progress” status. I also snapped up a few custom heads from a contact at BOYL to add my unused Savage Orcs to the fold and grabbed a pack of Fimir from Forgeworld – the first actual purchase.


One more model was added to round off the force – I traded for a Meargh in order to have a matriarch leading the warband.


Action time! First, obviously, the models needed building and painting. With quite a majority of noble fimir models, I decided to add variation to them by changing their weapons.

classic fimir

…and then set out to get them painted.

painting classic fimir

A big thanks go out to Gary at Hotdrop studios for providing some great tips for the skin paint scheme.

To help keep up the motivation and make the painting more manageable, I’ve chosen to use the Fimir in our Age of Sigmar campaign (hence the round bases) and so the starting force is looking a little more approachable for now.


Rusty Dice

Aint nothing but a horn

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3 Responses

  1. Awesome looking force, really love the varied collection of miniatures you are using!!

  2. Johan Märs says:

    The force looks really great so far, love the Fimir models and I’m looking forward seeing your progress on them.

  3. Rusty Dice says:

    Thank you. More are being added daily.

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