StarGrind is a Science Fiction miniature range from Krakon Games. It may well become a game one day, but for now the market is quite full of rulesets, so KG are more than happy to provide new miniatures to play them with.

The “universe” is a typical futuristic galaxy-spanning setting, with humans having ventured beyond Terra (Earth) and discovered that they are very much not alone. Many alien species exist, most with their own interstellar civilisations.

Humans are no longer center of the universe and as such not the focus of StarGrind. Many of the species are derived from Earth-like archetypes, in the form of lizardmen, space monkeys and frog warriors. There’s no shortage of anthropomorphic characters.

Having launched their second successful Kickstarter earlier this year, the Scum & Smugglers project set out to deliver the first selection of character models. Previously Krakon Games offered a selection of alien fauna models as they stepped into the market. Quite a niche offering, but something that setup a willingness to fill those special gapsĀ in the miniature market.

StarGrind does not shy away from the obvious influences in its offerings. Anything retro, rogue or nostalgia-punk is on the agenda, be it 2000AD-style kneepads, to weirdest of the weird critters and megaflora. Krakon Games are always happy to receive your feedback and ideas for new models. Many of the models in the range have been from such suggestions.

Scum & Smugglers is currently being fulfilled, but some models not involved in the Kickstarter are already available over at Krakon Games. Here’s the first 13 characters on the scene.

Rusty Dice

Aint nothing but a horn

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