Triple-game Undead

Over at the Oldhammer in the New World Facebook group, the colonials presented a challenge to paint up 200 points of a new army each calendar month. The points must adhere to 3rd or 4th edition Warhammer. I no longer play either, but I do collect Undead and like an excuse to paint them – so I am going to join in. As the ruleset doesn’t matter to me, I’m going to blog the progress with information for both rulesets for pleasure and thematics – and since I actually use my undead for Kings of War, for that too!

Exciting huh!

My first 200 points will be exploring the minimum requirements in the infantry department. For 3rd edition, this is 20 skeleton warriors and 10 grim reapers. For 4th edition, you simply needed 25%. The aim is to paint up 2000 points at the end of the challenge, so I will ultimately need to paint at least 500 points of rank and file to satisfy 4th edition.

4th edition Skeleton Warriors entry

With 200 points to fill, the most I can squeeze into the first month is 20 Skeleton Warriors, meeting the 3rd edition requirement. I am going to include the command models within this as it is a complete unit for all 3 systems.

3rd edition Skeleton Warriors entry

As for Kings of War, 20 skeletons is a regiment. Perfect!

Kings of War Skeleton Warriors entry

So, how will these look? After several basing revisions, I’ve settled on… 20mm square bases. I like individual models when it comes to classic metal pieces. To accomodate the multibasing adventures of KOW, I acquired some movement trays that allows the models to slot into the footprint of a larger unit size and giving the models a bit more space to poke out their elbows and swords.

Officially, we are not supposed to start painting until November, but that means I have this month to assemble, clean and base 20 skeleton warriors to be ready for painting next month.

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